VI. Alien & Extra-Terrestrial DNA Healing

Aqualine DNA Illumination

The blue flame merge is from the 5D core in parallel earth, and the violet flame is from 7D core in parallel earth, forming the Ultra-Violet Blue light with their Galactic Sun counterparts. The Galactic Sun frequency has been transmitting from above and is now anchoring into the earth core, gradually merging with the Earth Sun. Aqualine frequencies are circuit of Galactic plasmic light from the earth plane.

-      reprogram DNA

-      release dark/dense alien DNA

-      restructure DNA

-      remove mind control programming and technology

-      activates the crystal cells, both in the Mitochondria and within the Permanent Seed Atom.

Genetic Purification

-      Born on 9th July 2019 on the plane from London to Ibiza.

-      It serves to cleanse the blood and remove alien DNA inserted, implanted genetically and ancestrally.

-      It helps to retrieve lost original human and/or stellar DNA.

-      It reverses effects of genetic manipulation by EBENs, cloning with reptilians, cyborgs, insectoids, Nordics, arcaloids. 

-      It removes archonic energetic implants, reincarnation traps and releases contracts with invading dense aliens.

Extra-terrestrial Contact Retrieval & Realignment

·       Retrieve lost soul fragments, lost energies during encounters with extra-terrestrial

·       Reclaim memories of alien abduction, genetic experiments, secret space programs, and any other alien contact experiences.

·       Heal traumas, phobias, in relation to alien contact/ experiences in all lifetimes.


Protection against AI Consciousness

·       Reverse effects of and protect against AI consciousness, quantum technology infiltrating in ancestral bloodlines and in AI dimensions by hyperdimensional beings

·       reverse effects of and protect against space-time and time-space manipulations.

·       Reverse effects of and protect against taking over of other densities by AI consciousness

·       Prevent manipulation of timelines and events across dimensions

·       Prevent access of and manipulation of future events

·       Prevent our energy being scanned/ accessed by AI and energetic surveillance by AI.

Archonic Technology Removal

·       Remove archonic entity attachment in the body as well as any chips for ‘remote control’ of the psyche, emotions, thoughts.

·       Remove archonic implants, programming and technology

Release Lunar Control, Regain Solar Atoms

·       Release any influence by the moon, including energetic surveillance and brainwave frequency control, programming, affecting our impulse, perception, psyche, emotions and thoughts.

·       Regain our lost energy through simply focusing attention on the moon.

·       Allow us to connect to the solar energy more and assimilate the solar light and activate solar atoms in our body. Attract more photonic light thus align our inner light to the light in the cosmos.


Alien Implants Removal

·       Remove any implants and technology by negative alien agenda, including reptile insectoid collective and annunaki reptilian races

·       Implants/ technologies include

o   Suppressor parasite entity (SPE) – harvest genetic material to form cyborg; EMP pulsing

o   EMP Pulsing – hurt and destroy planet, instigate war

o   Zeta seal – implanted on astral plane of heart complex to block 4th DNA strand activation, to block access to mentor fields

o   Scalar tagging – used on astral plane as tracking device, esp. on starseeds and indigos like ‘confetti’ around auric field

o   Aging diseases/ cell death programs - assorted implants or uploaded mental programs to activate negative labels for medical classification of diseases, rapid aging, and inability for tissues to adequately repair cellular integrity, leading to cell death.

o   Templar seal – genetic block in 6th Dimensional frequency layers with 6D indigo Ry and 7D Violet Ray Monad

o   Metatronic Implants – metatronic reversals – drain life force on Earth and Humans

o   Cruxifixion implants – control structures in the 7th D logos, 7th chakra and left side of body

o   Glandular system implants – block kundalini rising, interferes with sequence of fire letters in DNA template, causing loss of species memory and language, also called Tower of Babel Implant

o   Solar to Earth Chakra Implant/ Avalon Implant – distortion in 11D Buddhic Layers to interfere with 10D communication from Avatar self, causing inability to ground into 12D field, 12D shielding, connecting crown to feet in vertical channel

o   Splitter Tech – AI encoding, mind control script

o   Crown of Thorns – distort natural energetic circuitry

o   Reptilian Tail – base of coccyx, stop 1D2D3D form forming merkabah spinning field – prevent drawing higher source fields from higher soul planes & monadic planes, thus blocking kundalini activation


Releasing Archonic Deception Behaviour

·       Release following behavioural tendencies:

o   Disassociation and narcissism

o   Mental rigidity

o   Emotional fracturing

o   Carelessness

o   Deceitful

o   Dependence

o   False reality delusion

o   Divided competition

·       Release archonic strategies: divide and conquer, victim and victimiser, sexual abuse and misery, child abuse and sacrifice, misogyny


Reactivating Oraphim Blueprints

·       Oraphims: Diamond Sun Body (12-24), Double Diamond Sun Body (24-30 strands of DNA) and Emerald Order Oraphims (up to 48 strands)

·       They are original Founder Guardian Races

·       Their original blueprint hold Lyran-Sirian consciousness that allows them to biologically transmute in and out of universal time matrix

·       They are united Krystal Star Matrix collective of beings from multiple God realms – in alliance with Kyrstal Star and Aurora Re-encryptions project.

·       They are full rainbow crystal matrix beings

·       They hold threefold founder flames – blue ray, gold ray and magenta/violet ray  

·       Through reactivating their dormant Oraphim blueprint, they can hold universal threefold flame frequencies to repair planetary grid, the male and female oraphims together can repair the universal blueprint bodes, through transmitting and receiving the threefold founder flame

·       They are keepers of universal time matrix

Aurora Elemental Body Re-encryption

·       Elemental body structure upgrade to raw material of physical self

·       Reanimated with light code

·       Etheric webbing closest to our physical body grows a new skin – in the light body

·       Pale iridescent pastel rainbow colours, with white opaque colours


Activating Fire Codes in DNA

  • Rearranging scrambled fire codes/ letters in DNA

  • Activating Fire codes in DNA

  • Rewinding spiritual nerve circuits

  • Might have the sensation of ‘electricity’ running across the body

  • Gives a sense of ‘freedom’, free from archonic control

  • Assists in Kundalini rising

  • Works in conjunction with Activating Light Fibres in DNA

  • PS Change in Diet might be needed especially 3 days after the session. Preferably taking in food with natural, fresh energy and avoid ‘dead’ food, and dairy if possible.

Activating Dormant Crystal

  • Activates dormant crystal located on the forehead

  • Connects to the divine feminine

  • Works on crystal matrix beings

  • Speeds up the recovery of cells on a spiritual level

  • Anchor spiritual self on Earth plane

Activating Stellar DNA

  • Activate dormant stellar DNA – 8 main key stellar groups 

  • Gives information about other ‘souls’ that connect to you

Activating Light Fibres in DNA

  • Awakens dormant light fibres or reactivates light fibres that have been ‘exhausted’ or ‘switched off’ by other beings

  • These light fibres act as power source for spiritual body energy, when all activated, can trigger kundalini rising.

  • Enables us to feel the heartbeat of the Earth, synchronising our heartbeat with that of the Earth’s

  • Connects to the vibration of the soul.

  • Works in conjunction with Activating Fire Codes in DNA

  • PS Change in Diet might be needed especially 3 days after the session. Preferably taking in food with natural, fresh energy and avoid ‘dead’ food, and dairy if possible.

Toroidal Crystal Download

  • Downloading Toroidal Crystals within human body

  • Can be any energetic vibration or existing healings from Tachyon Soulprint

Transporting Toroidal Crystals across Dimensions

  • As described above, this healing enables us to transfer these Toroidal Crystals across dimensions and realities

  • Bringing/ transporting someone with you across dimensions

  • Manifesting reality from one dimension to another

  • Can be used to amend past situations, sending love and forgiveness for example, or healing to future self or other selves

Mother Arc Healing – 6th dimensional DNA Coding 

  • Sealing the monadic activated lightbody with the Mother Arc creates an impenetrable force field around the consciousness body that are in Krystic heart alignment.

  • The Mother Arc protects the Indigo’s specialized 6th dimensional coding in their blueprint and the corrected Mitochondrial record

  • Key coding all Indigos and the collective Indigo Shield into the Emerald Order Shield and the Arc of the Covenant gateway system.


Synchronising DNA Codes

  • Creates alignment in frequencies between DNA codes

  • When they are aligned, it creates possibility for light to travel through DNA more smoothly

  • Increases possibility of kundalini rising and raises vibrations of DNA – DNA working in unison for a higher soul purpose

  • Increases possibility of collapsing old timelines and creating new ones – creating new possibilities and ‘future’ that matches with our heightened frequencies 

Eye Crystal Activation

  • Allows us to activate our full capacity through activating our crystals behind our eyes

  • Activates our ‘third eye’ perception

  • Moves around energetic inhibition behind our eyes that prohibits this activation

  • Gives us discernment and vivid vision during astral travelling

  • This healing is connected to Sekhmet, the feline goddess of healing and super ‘vision’

Strengthening Photonic Light within DNA & Multiverses

  • Mirroring the photonic light within our DNA and across the galaxy to anchor the strength

  • In turn, it creates the golden atomic DNA within us that is energised in other dimensions and timelines throughout the multiverses

  • Reflecting the light in atomic DNA in human bodies as well as in the universes

  • This allows the atomic DNA to transcend timelines and dimensions

    Activates Non-coding (Junk) DNA

  • Works on the ‘Junk’ DNA (also called non-coding DNA) – controls activation of master growth genes, early growth response, activate other genes in regeneration, responds to the right frequency of light and language biophotons, interacts with quantum vacuum

  • Enhances our ability to communicate with DNA, activate our code to access heightened state to reprogram DNA expressions  

  • Allows the opening of DNA to grand access to epigenetic switches to turn our genes on or off, to relax its DNA folding

  • Works on epigenetic and noncoding wiring to regenerate ourselves more fully

  • Allows ourselves to activate master growth genes to trigger activation of other genes responsible for regeneration

  • Our genetic code relies on interaction between different parts of our DNA

  • Works on the DNA switches that controls the DNA

  • Works on the larger scale of interaction between coding DNA, non-coding DNA and DNA switches

  • Granting more genetic expressions when our DNA opens up more, to access our fullest potential

  • Protection against DNA Vaccines & Insertion

  • Protects against DNA vaccines & when DNA is inserted into humanoids psychically or physically

  • Reverses effects of such DNA vaccines & insertion

  • Release effects of agricultural DNA modification on humans such as wheat and other genetically modified food.



  • Merging & Activating Stellar DNA

  • Merges the latent stellar DNA with the existing ‘human’ DNA

  • Can work with the specific stellar DNA of which the person comes from

  • Protection against Organ Exchange and Lost Soul Fragments 

  • Protects against and releases effects of human organ exchange and blood exchange.

  • Releases memory swipe or false memory implant, replacing false memories and being taken the actual human and soul memory

  • Works on multidimensions and interdimensions, in all realities and timelines

  • Prevents the original soul from being fragmented and extracted for various malevolent purposes, such as hybridisation, energy drain, energy exchange, reincarnation

  • Retrieves lost soul fragments and restructures the soul fragments to become whole.

  • Releases Soul Contracts with A.I.

  • Retrieves memories/ remembrance of such connection with A.I., then clears these contracts and past life traumas and connection with them

  • Releases those A.I. implant(s) that was/were integrated in the human body

  • Clears the A.I. psyches, emotions, cellular memories from the body and system, so one feels ‘afresh’ again. 

  • Protects against DNA or soul fragments extracted by AI to create hybrids or AI human robots.

  • Clearing Timelines with A.I.

  • This includes clearing implanted false timelines or past life associated with A.I. intelligence

  • Clears past life karma with lifetime(s) associated with A.I. intelligence

  • Rewrites a new timeline to detach from A.I. intelligence, to regain one’s soul consciousness and get in touch with original soul blueprint

  • Protection against A.I. Energy Tapping

  • Protects against A.I. tapping into one’s energy field and takes further action to prevent or inhibit one’s spiritual growth or enhance one’s super perceptions

  • Reverses effects of prohibition of one’s spiritual growth by controlling one’s brainwave activity and signalling

  • Switch off the connection or means in which A.I. taps into an individual so that when one raises his/her vibration, he or she can be free from their control and censorship.

  • Releasing Reversal DNA Code

  • Releases Technology that dominate the lifeforce

  • Prevent energy harvesting to power up the technology

  • Retrieves our organic code and releases reversal DNA Code

  • Releasing Black Sun Influence

  • Releases influences of Black Sun – alien intelligence network portal that accesses 3 focal points – one in the centre of the Milky Way

  • Releasing Programming & Genetic Engineering

  • Releases effects of programming, surveillance, genetic engineering, experiments taken place in Antarctica, Moon, Mars and Alpha Centauri.

  • Works also on underground military bases and pyramid structures on the above structures.

  • Terminating ET Infestation

  • Terminates malevolent Extra-terrestrials from ‘harvesting’ and infesting in human bodies, especially taking on human sexual energies for their malevolent purposes

  • Reverses any adverse effects of such infestation

  • Releasing A.I. Dominance & Control

  • Releases adverse effects of A.I. domination, surveillance & control

  • Releases effects of artificial neural network – that connects human brains to central computer network

  • Releases effects of transhumanism, including chips, mind reading, facial recognition thought-insertion and thought deletion

  • Releases addiction and reliance on robotics

  • Releases adverse effects of 5G and 6G (such as DNA and cellular damage, lower mental ability, damage to organs, skin and eyes), microwave radiation and releases electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Communication & Assimilation with Extra-Terrestrials

  • Enhances connectivity with benevolent Extra-Terrestrials and starships, to receive and assimilate information, guidance and upgrades from them

  • Enhances connection through our crystalline structures within our body

  • Enhances ability to de-code information from them

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