The Christ Consciousness Grid & The Pyramid of Giza

Thoth, Ra and Araragat rebuilt the unity consciousness grid in what is now called the Giza plateau. At that time it was a rain forest called the Land of Khem. First they completed the grid on the higher dimensions, then they physically built the temples. When the new grid becomes manifested and balanced, it helps us ascend to higher worlds of being. (Melchizedek, 1999)

The three beings created a hole extending about a mile into the Earth, lining it with bricks. Then they mapped ten Golden Mean spirals from the hole and located them above the Earth. They used the hole as the axis and mapped the spirals of energy moving up out of the hole, extending into space. One of the spirals was near the present Great Pyramid. They built a little stone building in front of the hole. They then built the Great Pyramid and was completed about 200 years prior to the shifting of the axis.

The apex of the Great Pyramid, with the missing gold capstone, sat exactly on the curve of the spiral. The centre of the hole aligns with the south of the stone building and the north of the Great Pyramid. Although they are a mile apart,  they are aligned perfectly. Later, the other two pyramids were also built directly on that spiral. In the early 1980s, researchers discovered the hole and the stone building by aerial photography when tracing the spiral back to its source. The three pyramids were laid out on a logarithmic spiral. This discovery was recorded in the McCollum survey, completed in 1984 by Rocky McCollum.

Thoth, Ra and Araragat constructed a network of over 83,000 structures laid on the nodes of this energy matrix. All these structures were laid out based on the Golden Mean spirals.

The Pyramid of Giza is the north pole of the grid, whilst Moorea, an island in the South Pacific in the Tahitian Islands is the south pole. Moorea shapes like a heart. The Moorean pole is female, whereas the Egyptian pole is male. All the sacred sites are connected to the Egyptian pole and interlinked through the central axis leading to Moorea like a torus.

The Pyramid’s Landing Platform and the Ship beneath the Sphinx

According to Thoth, the missing sold gold capstone in the Great Pyramid is 51/2 inches high and about 24 feet square at its base (Melchizedek, 1999). It has little rooms in it and is sitting in the Hall of Records. This flat area of the Great pyramid is actually a landing platform for a special ship.

About a mile under the Sphinx, there is a round room with a flat floor and a flat ceiling. Inside the room, there is the oldest synthetic object, which is about two city blocks in size. It is round like a disk that has a flat thin top and bottom. There is a transparent pattern on both top and bottom surfaces that is five atoms thick (see image 17). This ship hasn’t got any motor but operates by thoughts and feelings. It is designed to connect with and extend our living Mer-Ka-Ba. This ship is connected directly to the spirit of the Earth. According to Doreal (1939) in The Emerald Tablets it’s called a warship that protects the Earth.



The fall of Atlantis and the Ship

When the pole shift happened, Thoth and his partners knew that Atlantis would sink. It lasted about 20 hours. Thoth, Ra and Araragat returned to the Sphinx and raised the warship into the sky. Then they moved to Atlantis, lowered the ship to the surface and picked up about 1600 people which included the original immortals from Lemuria and the enlightened Atlantean beings. These people created a living group Mer-Ka-Ba that protected the ship in the shape of a flying saucer. Then they rose above the planet when the island Udal sank and landed on top of the Great Pyramid. It appeared that the ship and the pyramid were built for each other (see image 18). The perimeter of the Great Pyramid and the circumference of the ship are the same. After they landed on the pyramid, the poles began to shift and the human consciousness began to drop. The electromagnetic and magnetic fields of the Earth collapsed, and all lifeforms went into the Great Void for three and a half days.










The Female Component of the Consciousness Grid  


Egypt became the male component of the grid. Uxmal, in the Yucatan, where many survivors from Atlantis stayed became the female component. Starting at Uxmal, seven temples are laid out in a Fibonacci spiral, they are the seven primary temples like chakra centres of the female component of the grid. These seven primary sites are located in Uxmal, Labna, Kabah, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Kohunlich and Palenque (Melchizedek, 1999). 


The feminine component forms perfect spirals, first moving clockwise, then moving counterclockwise until they reach Moorea. Most of the sacred sites were planned on a fourth-dimensional level by higher consciousness, though most have third-dimensional counterparts. A few important ones that only exist on the fourth dimension represent the neutral or child energy of the Christ grid. There are three aspects of the Christ grid – Mother, Father and Child. The Father is in Egypt, the Mother is in Peru, Yucatan and the Child is in Tibet.



Flower of Life and Copts




Flower of Life was found in many cultures and one of the first existence was found in Egypt, in a temple in Abydos (Melchizedek, 2000). It was built by Seti the First and dedicated to Osiris. The carving was found by Katrina Raphaell. Apart from the Flower of Life, Drunvalo also went to discover carvings of the Copts and the Seed of Life. The Copts is a symbol for Christianity, originated with a group of Egyptian called the Copts. They later became the first few Christians, who were connected with the Essenes and the Druids. The Vesica Pscis is two equal-radius circle connected together on each other’s circumferences. The area where the two circles intersects forms a vesica piscis. In every line of Tree of Life, it measures out to the length or the width of a vesica piscis in the Flower of Life. They all follow the Golden Ratio proportions. There are also carvings of wheels in these ceilings of ancient Egypitan tombs, representing the possibility of dimensional travelling. 90 degrees is an important number that exists in chakras, dimensions, musical notes and in order to create ascension, a 90-degree shift is necessary. These wheels are always found in sets of four or eight. Another interesting finding in this same temple was that the floor plan was actually two back-to-back pentagons (Lawlor, 1982) Pentagons are actually the surface of Icosahedron, made of five equilateral triangles. The surface of Icosahedron is also called icosahedron caps, when cut and pasted to the

These icosahedral caps are basic construction for Christ consciousness grid (Melchizedek, 2000). It is interesting as resurrection and ascension bring about Christ consciousness.







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