Toroidal Stargate Activation


Toroidal Stargate Activation came about after an activation of toroidal energy current ran through me and stellar light portal connections were made between my crystalline DNA portals & stellar planets & Sun & Galactic Sun. This is a healing modality that came 2 & a half years after Tachyon Soulprint appeared in March 2018.

Toroidal Stargate Activation is based on directing toroidal energy that elevates our holographic frequencies and magnetise our magnetic field. It assists us to journey interdimensionally, establish stellar connection between our DNA portals & stellar light portals and ascend our timelines. 

The Unification of Heart & Brain – generates magnetism in our magnetic field that it manifests circumstances through focused intent and toroidal energy. Activated toroidal energetic circuits create healing that works on humans, earth & galaxy, particularly portals. We can become stargate ourselves. This healing works on quantum electrons, crystalline fluid as a matter of electricity conductor. Our DNA is electrical, and our toroidal field is magnetic. Directing Toroidal Energy works through electrons, DNA, fluids, magnetic field and it elevates frequency of DNA, fluids & magnetic field.

Through elevating the Holographic frequencies of atoms, cells, DNA strands, fluids, energetic bodies, field, thought, behavioural and emotional patterns, we are shifting the vibrational magnetic field and our reality. Activating electrons of non-coding DNA and RNA activates stellar memories connecting with our stellar origins.

Amidst Galactic timeline wars, we are also to dismantle inorganic timelines and programming, and to anchor ascended timelines for the planetary and stellar collective. The deactivation of or disconnection from AI Grid, dark earth grid, dark galactic portals and dark earth portals is crucial to balance galactic justice and to release cosmic and planetary karma for Earth. Another key aim of Toroidal Stargate Activation is to activate portals in stellar planets, galaxies in order to circulate crystalline light codes.

Toroidal Stargate Activation also assists starseeds to connect with existing soul walk-ins and activate new stellar light soul walk-ins – to discover new soul gifts, anchor ascended timelines and soul contracts so to fulfil our soul missions more consciously and fully.

Through Quantum Unification with the New Earth frequency and connecting our unified field with that of the new earth, stellar planets, sol-stars near Pleiades, Sun & Alcyone, it accelerates ascension to the new earth frequency. Quantum unification can also be applied to spaces and portals.

Healing Process

The opening process involves opening the quantum tunnel at luz bone, heart and sacral and bridging all, then elevate the holographic stellar map – the map is connected with activating the energetic flow along the electric circuits, for example,

  • The heart centre to the crown (from wing channel to crown)

  • The upper diamond in the brain

  • Between temples, prefrontal lobe and capstone

  • From sole of feet up to crown and back to right sole of feet on quantum level

  • Morphogenetic field that unites with Source

During the session, the practitioner senses the physical area to work on, directing toroidal energy with particular light rays, elements and geometric shapes to release dense frequencies out and attract light frequencies. We also connect with the person’s stellar origins and conduct interdimensional healing and activations – including exchanging light codes with stellar beings, activating new stellar soul walk-ins and anchoring ascended soul contracts.

Areas include:

Personal level 
•    Activate inner solar temple/ trinity 
•    Toroidal magnetic field – release being tagged, purifying, expanding magnetic field, unifying heart field with magnetic field and Earth magnetic field 
•    Electric circuits – purifying electric circuits, ascend frequencies 
•    Circulating kundalini – base of spine to crown and crown to heart 
•    DNA, light codes, crystalline fluids – reverse genomic rewriting & synthetic genomic info inserts 
•    Releasing programming (including in between sleep-awake state) related to fight-or-flight responses, fear-based attachments, thoughts, emotions 
•    Voiding undivine soul contracts & anchoring new ascended soul contracts 
•    Releasing undivine DNA portal connections 
•    Reverse 2D Split – separate sub personalities 
•    Reverse 4D Split – barrier in Nadial Complex (back of heart) that separates heart (astral body) and solar plexus (mental body) – that prevents lower astral energies and travelling 
•    Purify Nadial Complex – reverse sexual programming, victim programming, fear programming, inorganic programming that runs in Central Nervous System & brain – entry through gallbladder meridian, gain access to lightbody / aura 
•    Reverse gender splitting – splitting soul marriage in twin souls 
•    Release blame guilt programming and trauma-based mind ctronol when one’s soul fragments are taken and entities slipped into human field or vessel – purifying gallbladder meridian 
•    Clearing heart shadows especially during traumas 
•    Retrieving energetic circuit cut-off 
•    Releasing undivine ‘switches’ that create programming, split identities or that create triggered attacks based on frequency, visual, auditory conditioning 
•    Reclaim soul sovereignty fully 
•    Ascending timelines 
•    Align quantum field and cells with truth frequency & 12D quantum timeline 
•    Align heart atoms and brain atoms with 12D quantum timeline 
•    Activate new light codes to perceive interweaving dimensions and timelines – heightened sensitivity to dimensions and energies – via activating neurotransmitters and receptors around the crown 
•    Connecting & healing with (potential) twin soul 
•    Remote viewing to events, realities

Twin soul 
•    Purifying kundalini in twin souls 
•    Exchange crystalline light codes between twin souls in prefrontal lobe, heart and sacral 

AI/ Interdimensional/astral level 
•    Release AI programming, infiltration and hijacking of biofield 
•    Release false timelines inserted into biofields and unified field via quantum computer 
•    Release surveillance by quantum computer – thought and mind tapping 
•    Reverse predictive programming via thought and emotion reading via Nadial complex (back of chest) that runs through central nervous system 
•    Deny entry / access by quantum computer via gallbladder meridian 
•    Prevent entry of / release foreign artificial thoughts, impulses, fight-or-flight response pattern inserted through quantum computer – individually and collectively 
•    Release connection between crystalline DNA portals, biofield and AI grid, Dark earth grid and Digital Earth 
•    Release implants, false undivine contracts especially those consented made in between sleep and awake state or in Delta brainwave state 
•    Release hijacking of entry from temples by interdimensional beings 
•    Retrieve energy taken by consenting/ thinking about certain things to give ‘free’ entry by interdimensional beings 
•    Release ‘mind parasites’ that take over psyche and neuronal networks 
•    Dissolve AI simulation slipped into brain that creates false narratives that continue the loop of energetic attacks, siphoning and lowering of soul frequencies 
•    Retrieve psychic energy back to physical and energetic bodies from AI field/ digital field through vaccines, psychic ‘calling’ to deviate soul from the bodies that leads to soul fragmentation and splitting of psyche, heart and reduced psychic capacities 
•    Release connection from Digital Earth/ AI field/ AI grid, AI spiders 
•    Release astral connection via magnetic resonance – disconnect from toxic people/ beings through shifting magnetic resonance 
•    Cutting etheric connection linked via astral body, mental body and gallbladder meridian 
•    Release nano-switches triggered by electromagnetic frequencies in gallbladder meridian 
•    Reverse energy harvesting & data harvesting via bio nanotech 

  • Release connection of human biofield with AI field

  • Reclaim lifeforce energy siphoned through AI programming, AI Grid, dark portals especially through gallbladder meridian

  • AI field consists of a series of anti-christ values e.g. sexual programming, transhumanism programming, human ‘consumption’/ cannibalism, desensitise human sentiments of love and compassion, fear/ fight-or-flight programming. This AI field works easier through mobile devices and electromagnetic frequencies, at a particular time, and/or to a particular population. It also beams artificial timelines/ realities. These projections and programming work with neural network and central nervous system, and what triggers your dense emotions of fear and anger personally

  • Release entity attachments through EMF beaming esp during night and REM sleep period

  • Release artificial thoughts, values, emotions that eventually merge into biofield via EMF and AI field immersion


Assimilated/ Artificial Dreams/ Astral programming

  • Purify the biofield from subliminal programming (e.g. ritualistic abuses & murder, sexualising women, children, inorganic alchemy, cannibalism, dehumanisation, transhumanism, etc).

  • Release subliminal programming from slipping into subconscious through biofield

  • Purify our subconscious thoughts, emotions

  • Reconnect subconscious mind with consciousness

  • Reverse and release subconscious being tapped and used to create assimilated dreams

  • Reverse assimilated dreams from manifesting into this reality via subconscious and manifestation centre

  • Release false field (astral) that blocks perception

  • Dissolve etheric cords (astral and interdimensional) via etheric connections (reverse energy drain, tapping, biofield hijack)

  • Retrieve soul fragments & kundalini energy in assimilated dreams

  • Release the EMF interferences, nanotech and implants as a means to create assimilated dreams

  • Disconnect from satellites, AI grid and dark galactic grid

  • Release access by lower 4th, interdimensional beings, dark beings in human vessels

  • Clear collective unified field, purify it from assimilated dreams and prevent it from manifestation in collective reality

  • Strength biofield, circulate toroidal energy in our bio magnetic field, anchor magnetism

Stellar level 
•    Releasing undivine pact with dark extra-terrestrials e.g. Orion (Alpha Draconis), Dragon Moth, Annunaki Nibiru
•    Resuming stellar DNA blueprint 
•    Connecting collective Unified field with that of New Earth & that of our stellar home planets, Sun & Galactic Sun 
•    Activate stellar memories 
•    Activating light stellar soul walk-ins 
o    Interconnect between dimensions of the different soul walk-ins 
o    Interchange light codes to raise frequency of the unified soul 
o    Activate new soul gifts 
o    Release dense frequencies and undivine agreements 
o    Connect with possibility of negotiating new soul contracts and new soul missions 
o    They all sit in circle, generate toroidal energy field, creating halo light above them – circulating light codes, creating anchoring ascended timelines 
o    Make you aware of their contribution and how to activate their gifts to fulfil soul missions 
•    Starseed awakening – Exploring soul gifts and purposes 
•    Exchanging crystalline light codes with stellar light beings 
•    Connecting with new stellar groups
•    Connecting with (potential) starseed children 
o    Void undivine soul contracts and interferences before birth 
o    Activate stellar soul walk-ins 

Planetary & Galactic level 
•    Travel from one portal to another 
•    Activating light portals (human, planetary, galactic) 
•    Connecting with ancient light portals and stellar light portals 
•    Connecting with stellar light portals & travelling to stellar origins 


Personal Healing 
Connecting with existing & new stellar soul walk-ins 
 Visualise sitting in circle 
•    Generate toroidal energy around the group 
•    Generate halos of light on top of the toroidal field 

Receiving Crystalline light codes with new & existing soul walk-ins 
In omega stargate, with golden galactic light codes surrounding the stargate, with 3 sol-stars on the stargate 
•    Having a sauna with the galactic golden light codes 
•    Rejuvenating stellar non-coding DNA and assimilating new non-coding DNA from new soul walk-ins 

Travelling from Quantum Human DNA portals to Stellar Portal 
Activate toroidal energy and solar energy, expanding from heart portal, creating quantum DNA tunnelling to stellar portal we want to travel to
•    Activate sol-stars on crown, & two temples, circulating light codes with stellar portals, forming figure of 8. 
•    Connecting umbilical cord with galactic womb 
•    Anchor double rainbow arcs – one for earth space/ portal, one for stellar. Anchoring solar disc on top of human crown

Stellar Healing 
Open Portals on Earth & Connect with Galaxy   
 Connect human temples & Capstone with the 3 sun-like stars near Pleiades, heart with Galactic Sun, Solar Plexus with Galactic Womb
•    Activate Piezo-electric energy of earth portals & unify with Quantum New Earth Frequency – enhancing conductivity and transmission of crystalline light codes 
•    Draw a rainbow arc covering the earth space, another one making a diagonal cross. 
•    Align middle point of portal with the Galactic Core 
•    Toroidal energy swirling/ spiralling upwards 
•    Activate the 3 sol-stars circuit 
•    Align Earth portal(s) with 3 sol-stars
•    Circulate crystalline light codes between human portals, earth portals and 3 sol-stars 
•    Establish two other points (if in separate geographic locations) 
•    Align Earth portal with Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius & other planets 
•    Golden ico-dodecahedron on Earth portal(s) 

Activate Stellar portals in 3s 
•    Toroidal energy between 3 stellar portals 
•    Connect to Galactic Sun in Pleiades 
•    Shooting crystalline fire light codes up 
•    Extend to Sirius, Andromeda, & other stellar planets 
•    Golden ico-dodecahedron on stellar portal(s) – individual & in 3s  

•    Release density and infiltration of Galactic dark portals – dark fleet, connecting LOC and Antarctica 
•    Release density in Underground bases (Earth & off planet) – send healing to child trafficking, genetic experiments (e.g. Moon, Mars, Antarctica) 
•    Deactivate energy infiltration, light-siphoning from Sun-Pleiades-Earth portal association on Earth portals, ley lines, ancient earth portals – especially hijacking of cosmic mother and divine feminine energy 
•    Resume light energy circulation on hijacked Earth portals, ley lines and ancient Earth portals 
•    Release cosmic karma & falsity in energy ‘trickery’ 
•    Stop dark portals from being fed light energy for nefarious purposes 
•    Disconnect dark earth portals & Ancient portals from Dark Galactic portals, Dark Earth Grid, AI grid and Digital Earth 
•    Raise quantum frequency of Earth portals – anchor rainbow arc around it with the assistance of cosmic mother, with sword and galactic justice 
•    Ascend collective timelines for stellar planets and portals – sending love, compassion truth frequency 
•    Repair tears in timelines (individual and collective) 
•    Block interdimensional entries to Crystalline DNA portals, Earth Light portals and Galactic portals 
•    Release ‘accidental’ consented entry by interdimensional beings 


  • Beam light frequencies from Inner earth to earth grids and to humans

  • In outer space, circulate electric circuits and magnetic fields with photonic light

  • Send healing to galactic portals – activate stellar light codes between portals and between humans and stellar portals 

  • Activate Stellar light codes between Stellar portals, Inner Earth, Sun & Galactic Sun 

  • Connecting with Quantum Earth & Unifying earth frequency with that of Quantum Earth 

  • Activate Galactic Holy Grail – unification of Divine Masculine & Feminine – Galactic Alchemy 

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New Sub-branches of Toroidal Stargate Activation! 


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