Toroidal Heart Connection

·         enhances heart-to-heart communication and relationship amongst couples, family members and friends.

·         dissolves any fears, attachment, resentment, judgement, misunderstanding, co-dependency and dysfunctional imbalanced relationship patterns.

·         fosters authentic caring communication based on unconditional love, trust, understanding, respect, empathy and authenticity.

·         allows us to gain assertiveness and expressiveness in communication.

·         allows one’s soul to inspire each other to grow and to awaken consciousness.

·         for couples, it enhances commitment with love, joy, creativity, loyalty, purity and sensitivity.

·         fosters heart-centred communication that crosses beyond dimension, time and space. It connects torus of the heart, of the pineal gland, of the pituitary gland, of our kundalini and of the body between the two people.

·         draws the two closer to divine connection – the divine proximity frequencies. So if it is divine for the two people to be united as couples or to develop friendship, it will create a matching frequency for the two, whether to elevate one’s frequency to match the other or gradually they will be pulled apart.

·         frequencies will only be elevated but not reduced to match the frequencies.

·         more synchronicity, sensation like ‘cosmic tantra’ could be possible’.

·         deepens their connection with the bio-magnetic field of the earth as we are all connected as one.

·         Other healing added: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine Wisdom & Love, Divine Love & Relationships, Healing Familial Relationships & Clearing Ancestral Karma, Releasing Resentment & Enabling Forgiveness, Releasing Karmic Ties & Connections, Releasing Past Life Vows & Contracts, Auric Field & Cellular Protection, Cleanse & Boost, Protection against Mental Projections & Negative thought forms, Releasing Dysfunctional Emotional Attachments & Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns, Triple Fire, Tachyon & Toroidal Energy & Christ Consciousness Grid.

·         can be used on its own or as a complement

·         work with a group of people and with spaces.

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