Tetrahedron - Release - Fire

1.   Releasing Karmic Ties and Connections

·       It helps dissolve any karmic connection and ties that we struggle to release.

·       It allows us to dissolve the connection through discernment and correct actions.

·       It makes us realise the lesson we have to learn regarding the person involved.

·       Thus, it allows us to move forward and progress with our life.

·       It energises the photons to clear energetic cords and karmic connections to the maximum for our wellbeing.


2.   Overcoming Fears & Traumas

·       It helps dissolve any fears, traumas, complexes that are experienced in this lifetime.

·       It gives us the strength and confidence to face our fears and to overcome them.

·       It offers us the insights as to why they happened, to have more clarity and discernment when facing the fears.

·       It heals our emotional wounds in relation to the fears and traumas.

·       It releases all fears and low vibrational energies, in particular, shame, judgment, disappointment, rejection held in our cells, ourselves, towards ourselves and others.

·       It enables us to transform and heal our wounds or true self-empowerment and transformation, raise consciousness.

·       It assists us to confront our emotional truth and the sense of security to share our feelings with others.


3.   Healing Past Life Traumas

·       Releases any traumas, pains, phobias, anxiety, sadness, fears related to past life traumatic death experiences.

·       Deprograms any residues from past life traumas in the DNA & reprogram DNA

·       Unblocks & resolves situations in which we feel stuck in our lives, allow us to move on from our past lives[G1] [G2] [G3] 

·       Allow us to regain insights, lessons from past life![G4] 


4.   Releasing Past Life Vows and Contracts

·       It releases the vows, contracts that we signed in the past lifetimes, such as love vows, chastity vows, poverty vows, having a social satisfactory life vows, obedience vows, subservience vows, soul contracts and religious vows.

·       It releases vows, contracts that are not for our highest good and all the humanity. It releases vows and contracts that were not made from the heart.

·       It releases vows contracts that were signed by our ancestors, thus affecting our current life and situation in progressing forward.

·       It terminates redemptive vehicle and crucifixion contracts and their related phantom systems from impacting my consciousness and all of my 12 bodies and beings here that are reflected in the Oneness of my Krystic bodies. It cancels all such crucifixion contracts to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities. Redemptive Vehicle contract is supports a belief system that a human being, such as Hesus Christ, was required to be killed for salvation for humanity.


5.   Healing Emotional Attachments and Dysfunctional Relationship patterns

·       Establishes healthy relationship patterns.

·       Releases and clears unhealthy relationship patterns and emotional attachments that don’t serve you.

·       Clears relationship karma.

·       Heals unhealthy energetic cords.

·       Clears past life love vows.

·       Releases limiting beliefs regarding relationships.

·       Heals ancestral karma in relationships.

·       Releases and collects lost soul fragments in previous relationships.

·       Develops self-worth, qualities to attract healthy, committed, loving and trusting relationship.

·       Releases insecurities, attachments, fears, noncommitment or any imbalances in relationships.

·       Grants us discernment to make the divine decision in relationships.

·       Enables us to engage with the shadow side of the other, giving us the empowerment, detachment, emotional intelligence and wisdom to deal with others’ shadows, at the same time not allowing our shadows to affect others in a domineering and manipulative way. Helps us to neutralise triggers through compassion and understanding. Ultimately, it allows us to transform others’ shadows into light. Neutralise shadow attacks from others.

·       It grants us ability and wisdom to identify someone’s triggers and shadow attacks before they happen and leave the situation with assertiveness.

·       It prevents us to allow ‘toxic’ people to use ‘guilt’ or ‘shame’ to trick us into maintaining abusive, unhealthy, manipulative, toxic relationship bonds with them. It gives us the awareness, courage and determination to cut off from these unhealthy ties and bonds.

·       It allows us to acknowledge then eliminate self-perpetuating rewards that we are attached to that sustain dysfunctional relationship pattern(s)

·       Helps to compensate the deficiency in emotional development during the absence of parent(s) especially during the first 16 days to 180 days since birth, before birth & conception.


6.   Healing Addictions

·       It fights against any addictions, including drugs, alcohol and any other addictions such as shopping, food and any other objects/ people that we are obsessed with.[G5] [G6] [G7] 

·       It releases any anxiety or withdrawal effect if you withdraw from the addiction.

·       It gives us insight into the situation and helps us find the solution.

·       It works on a deeper level to tackle the root cause of the problem.

·       It prevents us from using sex, drugs and work or other means that’s harmful to the soul as emotional reassurance to numb wounds or offer momentary transcendence.

·       It eliminates the implant ‘tick’ function that impulses the addiction symptoms – preventing the tick from burrowing itself in the astral/ soul body to collect more of it. It releases soul fragmentations caused by astral body splitting and damage to the nervous system (nadial system and energy receivers) and later the brain. It heals soul fiber and assists in nadial plexus repaid to reorganise the central nervous system. It releases entity possession. It eliminates golums that were part of the network and implant administration to collect the energy in people or from the planet. It eliminates sexual predatory energy in particular, various levels of pornography, especially child pornography.


7.   Eliminating Phone Addictions

·       It helps to fight against any addiction towards mobile phones, internet, and other electronic devices like the laptop.

·       It allows you to become more sensitive to the radiation waves these devices emit, thus creating an awareness of using them more sensibly.

·       It helps reduce the mind control effect brought by the mobile phones and other devices.

·       It eliminates dopamine addiction attached to social media and internet and cybernetic world.


8.   Dissolving Limiting Beliefs

·       It dissolves any limiting beliefs prohibiting you from reaching your soul purposes or manifesting your dreams.

·       It dissolves any limiting beliefs passed on from your ancestors, your past lives.

·       It allows your clarity to perceive yourself objectively, to have the real confidence in your abilities and skills.

·       It allows you to take actions at the right moment, giving you the positivity and real optimism in life.


9.   Releasing Obstacles and achieving Self-Optimisation

·       It releases blocks, interferences, obstacles that are preventing or obstructing us from achieving optimal wellbeing in all aspects – physical, mental, emotional, professional, financial, spiritual, in our aura, in our physical body, energetic bodies, in the ether, externally and internally.

·       It unblocks hidden truths, blind-spots so that we can see the full picture of the situation for self-optimisation.

·       It makes us realise the root causes of the problem so that we can gain insights and take actions to resolve the situation.

·       It allows self-optimisation and self-realisation, in all levels – physical, emotional, mental, professional, familial, romance, financial, spiritual.  


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