Tachyon Soulprint Healing Cards 

What are Tachyon Soulprint Healing Kit?

Tachyon Soulprint Healing Kit enables you to experience Tachyon Soulprint healing in a simple and accessible way. It consists of three components – Healing attunement, Toroidal Touch and Merkabah Activation.

The set includes

1.     1 Tachyon Soulprint Healing Board

2.    53 Tachyon Soulprint Healing Cards

a.    5 Stellated Soul Platonic Shield Cards

b.    1 Toroidal Touch Card

c.     1 Merkabah Activation Card

d.    46 Healing Cards

About the Tachyon Soulprint Healing Board

The outer globe represents the Unity Consciousness Grid, within it is the 12-petal flower geometry and the Merkabah, with Toroidal energy represented by the rainbow swirl in the background. The 12-petal was drawn based on the aerial view of the human toroidal energetic field; whilst the nine geometric shapes mark the nine points in Vortex Mathematics. The nine geometric shapes signify the 4th to the 12th dimensions. As we place healing cards over the middle formation, it selects which dimension to work on, renovating our DNA, elevating our consciousness as well as activating our Light-body (Merkabah) on the Unity Consciousness Grid through Toroidal energy.

The two Toroidal DNA images on both sides of the middle image represent the Toroidal DNA. The right represents the female DNA and left the male. The Toroidal shape assists us to attract photonic light into our DNA for DNA evolution.  They are used for partnership healing, whether it is romantic, familial or professional.

About the Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Cards

Apart from our Soul Blueprint, we also have an assigned platonic soul template. You will pick one and be using the same one once you have chosen it for the first time. The Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Cards intensify soul connection and amplifies healing.

About the Toroidal Touch Card

The Toroidal Touch Card works on various areas of the body. It allows us to access toroidal energy and sends energy to wherever your body needs. It aims to replace any limiting beliefs and thought patterns trapped in your body with functional and healthy beliefs and emotions. It also acts to activate the Toroidal DNA within our body.


About the Merkabah Activation Card

The Merkabah Activation Card helps to activate our Merkabah. It also connects us to the original eight cells in our body and our Merkabah.

About the Healing Cards

The 46 Healing Cards involve healing from 5 Platonic Solids, Merkabah and Spiral. Here is the list of the healing. For more information, please visit www.soulaurganic.com/tachyonsoulprint


Opening: Take a few deep breaths. Connect to your heart and set an intention for the healing.

1.     Set aside the ‘Toroidal Touch Cards’, ‘Merkabah Activation Card’ & ‘Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Cards’.


Individual Healing:

2.    Draw a card from 5 ‘Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Cards’. This will be the card for all your future healing.    

3.    Healing Attunements:

Draw 3-7 cards from the ‘Healing Cards’ whilst focusing upon your healing intention(s). Place your ‘Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Card’ on the Healing Board, followed by ‘Healing Cards’ on top. Place your right hand over the cards and send healing.

4.    Toroidal Touch: Keep the cards on the board. Place the ‘Toroidal Touch Card’’ on top. Place your hand over it and send healing. Alternatively, you can also place the card on a particular body area.

5.    Merkabah Activation:  Keep all the cards in the middle of the board. Place the ‘Merkabah Activation Card’ on top. Place your hand over them and send healing.


Partnership Healing:

2.    Draw a card from 5 ‘Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Cards’ for yourself and one for the other person. Place the Soul Stellated Platonic Shield Card for female receiver on the right Toroidal DNA and that of the male receiver on the left Toroidal DNA.    

3.   Healing Attunements:

Draw 3-7 cards from the ‘Healing Cards’ whilst focusing upon your healing intention(s) for both parties. Place the ‘Healing Cards’ on top of the respective Toroidal DNA according to the gender. Place your left hand on the right Toroidal DNA and right hand over the left Toroidal DNA (forming a cross) and send healing.

4.    Toroidal Touch: Keep the cards. Place a ‘Toroidal Touch Card’’ on both piles of cards. Place your hands over them (as above) and send healing.

Closing: Seal the healing with white light.

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