Sub-branches of Toroidal Stargate Activation

1.    Heart Portal Activation - DNA Light Code Generator

The concept is to become a portal ourselves, especially our heart portal, to create, assimilate and transmit DNA light codes, based on our soul mission, frequency and proximity to stellar light beings. Activating the heart portal – multidimensional portal, we can activate multidimensional perception. We

·         Dive deep to heart healing and release traumatic imprints

·         Resume organic magnetic heart portal/ field

·         Enhance heart resonance frequency with Source

·         Can receive source codes more easily and assimilate them better

·         Can create DNA light fractals/ codes for soul ascension

·         receive DNA light codes through connection with stellar group, stellar light portals etc.

·         generate DNA light codes

·         transmit DNA light codes to other human beings, human collectives (e.g. particular human population, stellar origin), stellar light portals, stellar planets and stellar collectives

·         facilitate the exchange of DNA light codes between stellar planets & Earth and amongst stellar planets

·         (as a collective) anchor DNA light codes together and send to a stellar planet, portal etc.

·         can create/ unify connection between you and stellar planets, portals, sun & galactic sun & light Earth portals

1.    receive + assimilate + transmit DNA light codes

2.    create + assimilate + transmit DNA light codes

3.    repair/ascend + assimilate + transmit DNA light codes

What to pull out? 

AI/ cyborg 

dark ET (ancestral, alien contact, stellar) 


What to ascend? 

what's your optimal stellar blueprint? 

what benefit your soul mission realisation? 

Unified Heart & Pineal Portal

The unified field of heart and pineal portal creates a powerful force field that becomes a channel to direct toroidal energy towards a particular aim, object, person, space, portal, planet and galaxy. It’s through directing toroidal energy across portals and through magnetised activated heart-pineal portal that facilitates healing

  • Magnetism - creating powerful magnet that attract what the heart feels and what the intuition calls for

  • Intuition & psychic ability

  • Connecting to one’s light optimal energetic signature

  • Heightened multidimensional perception and access of subtler dimensions

  • Attunement to source frequency, source consciousness, stellar light portals

  • Create light portals and tunnels

  • Connect with magnetic field of quantum new earth

  • Anchor light codes from quantum new earth

  • Quantum entrainment with the heart, with quantum new earth and galactic Sun

  • Circulating light codes between heart-brain unified portal and Sun, Alcyone & stellar light origins

  • Anchor most divine timeline, optimal DNA blueprint, quantum new earth in unified heart-brain portal



  • Adjust energetic signature & frequency proximity to the project/ goal you want to achieve

  • Connect your unified heart-pineal portal with the magnetic field of what you want to anchor/ achieve

  • Feel the light, energy of that field

  • Dissolve any interferences in between the two fields:

    • Infiltrated timelines

    • Diversion to inorganic timelines

    • Diversion to inferior/ dark portals (e.g. interdimensional, galactic portal, AL portal, underground portal that connects with astral realm and dark galactic portals)

    • Dissolve programming connected to the dark portal that whoever is connected to that portal, they will be fed that programming

    • Dissolve wavelength ‘retuning’/ hijack or frequency cap when being connected to the dark portal

  • Anchor toroidal energy between your heart-pineal portal with the magnetic field of what you want to achieve

Activation cost: £210

2.    Toroidal Beam

·         Raise energy conductivity

·         Better receiver and transmitter of energy

·         Make the resonance frequency of the person subtler, which heightens awareness, perception and permeability

·         Receive light codes as pure as possible

·         Filters out dense energetic influences and interferences

·         Will start to perceive energy in a more subtle and dynamic way

·         Ability to conduct healing simultaneously and be consciously aware of what’s being done in other dimensions and parallel realities

·         Enabling DNA Blueprint Activation & Ascension (see below)

o  Deactivate reversal DNA codes & nano DNA switches

o   Release energetic infiltration and distortion of DNA blueprint

o   Perfect geometric structure of DNA

o   Rearrange genomic sequences

o   Purify crystalline liquid

o   Organise & restructure fire codes in DNA, thus creating new energetic circuits to activate new gifts

o   Retune DNA blueprints to Pleiadean DNA blueprints/ most ideal organic stellar DNA blueprint

Activation cost: £210

3.    Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) & Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Harmoniser

·         Release mind control programming by EMF & EMP

·         Release interferences of inorganic magnetic field imposition, EMF, EMP, laser plasma rays and pulses, pain rays, sonic & satellite-based waves

·         Release & reverse effects of artificial dreams, implanted thoughts, voices, images, emotions, bodily sensation & pains

·         Reverse bidirectional interphase in brain with AI grid, satellites, nanotech esp. during REM sleep

·         Reverse neurological patterns and brainwave signals being monitored & manipulated

·         Reverse holographic imageries and auditory hallucinations being perceived from being connected to satellites and AI grid & nanotechnology

·         Reverse visual cortex, auditory cortex, motor cortex (visual images, thoughts and body movement) being tapped and accessed from a foreign source

Activation cost: £100

4.    Organic Timeline Proximity

1.    What’s the organic timeline? (e.g. relationships, family, soul mission, career etc)

2.    Proximity to organic timeline? (Value)

3.    Interferences in organic timeline?

·         Interdimensional programming

·         Biofield hijack – astral programming, predictive programming, false inorganic information in biofield

·         Mind control programming, implants

·         Subconscious programming

o   Fear

o   Fight/flight

o   Beliefs

·         Traumatic imprints

o   Past incarnations

o   Current incarnations

o   Other dimensions and realities

·         Self-sabotaging behaviour, thought form and addictions

·         Soul contract violation - expired soul contracts interfering, subconscious consent

·         Projections from others (consciously or not)

·         Ancestral influence (atomic resonance) – mental, emotional, psychic patterns inherited

·         Dark ancestral bloodline

o   Karmic

o   Projections

·         Expired timelines

·         Artificial timelines

·         Parallel souls running a different/ conflicting timeline

·         Mental Coherence

·         Emotional coherence

·         Energetic coherence

o   Release energetic dissonance stemmed from …

§  Unconsciousness

§  energetic blockages,

§  frequency, dimensional caps

§  soul traps, programming

§  numbed/ filtered energetic perception

§  blocked energetic circuits, DNA, portals, meridians,

§  blocked stellar connection

§  undivine soul agreements that inhibits soul evolution & wellbeing

§  false field that inhibits pure and clear perception of oneself and others

o   Anchoring organic energy flow across magnetic field, energy systems, organic DNA spin, magnetic field spin  

o   Soul coherence

§  Act, think and feel according to the authentic soul identity

4.    Recheck proximity to organic timeline again1.    

5. Anchoring the 'golden' organic timeline

Activation: £140

5. Starseeds & Galactic Portal Guardian

Galactic portal guardian

·         Dissolve connection between Earth & dark galactic portals (e.g. dark fleet, black sun, AI grid)

·         Dissolve dark pathways between dark portals in galaxy

·         Activate stellar light portals

·         Anchor light pathways between stellar portals

·         Circulate light code transmission between stellar light portals

·         Release collective stellar karma for particular stellar planets (under free will)

·         Enhance DNA blueprint in stellar beings

·         Assist in bringing in stellar soul walk-ins (light)

·         Building bridges between humans and stellar beings

·         Aligning the photonic light in galaxy

Starseeds Guardian

·         Holding space in galaxy for starseeds to arrive in galactic portals

·         Enable ‘light code rejuvenation’ for starseeds travelling in higher dimensions before arriving Earth

·         Pouring galactic crystalline light between galactic portals

·         Retuning to their authentic frequency

·         Rooting: Connecting starseeds to their stellar light portals

·         Seeding: circulate light codes

·         Flowering: assimilate light codes

To do this, we use the activation of aurora flame.

Activation of Aurora Flame:

·         Burn away heartaches, dense matters, energy residues

·         Release undivine timeline fragments

·         Release all expired soul contracts and intervened soul agreements and subconscious consent

How to do it?

·         Activate aurora flame

·         Connect portals with magnetic crystals – pineal, heart, sacral with Sun & Galactic Sun

·         Connect with stellar portals with Aurora flame

·         Drawing connection between portals with etheric crystalline water fire

·         Circulate light codes between portals

Using hands to heal portals (human, planetary, galactic)

·         Purify portals off debrises/ implants/ interdimensional parasites

·         Cut off access to interdimensional, astral, infradimensionsal dark portals & galactic dark portals

·         Pull out energetic drain implants

·         Release energetic imprints (like a message)

·         Release energetic cap, frequency cap, dimensional cap

·         Dissolve inorganic timelines at portals

·         Expand portals

·         Crystallise portals

·         Reopen/ activate access to stellar light portals

·         Resume light code downloads and stellar connection

Collective Unified Field healing with Timeline Ascension

·         Timeline purification and healing

·         Dissolve undivine collective timelines and undivine joint soul contracts for human race

·         Heal heart portal and pineal portal and unified heart brain portal

·         Expand and ascend collective unified field

·         Collective unified field connecting with new earth magnetic field

·         Collectively magnified towards the 12D timeline

·         Forming cosmic dial between earth portal and light stellar portal

·         Anchor divine timeline for humanity

Activation cost: £210

Please contact me if you'd like to have a session or if you have any questions. 


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