Why is it important to stay truthful?

the universe works on the truth frequency, even when we feel we are truthful, we might want to question the motives behind our thoughts, emotions and actions and be completely transparent and honest about it.

are we being truthful? are we really aligned with truth?

even when we are not truthful subconsciously, it creates dissonance or disharmony in our biofield, that feedbacks to the universe, creating blockages to total complete manifestation from our thoughts and intentions.

subliminal involuntary contracts that we signed against our will, our soul purposes also creates dissonance in our magnetic field that affects our magnetism. Our magnetism determines our ability to attract what we want in our reality.

the more we are aligned on a mental, emotional, psychic and atomic level, the more we get closer to the truth, and the more we reach perfect synchronicities with source. we would then know when to do what at the precise moment, to feel, to connect, to experience life in 12D, in unison with source consciousness.

in toroidal unified field healing, we can align our cells, luz bone, heart atoms and biofield with 'quantum clock' and new earth frequency. we can also void any subliminal unserving and undivine contracts that are against our wellbeing and soul missions.

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