What's your Truth Frequency?

how aligned are you with your truth frequency?

through releasing and discarding mistruths, half-truths and untruths, we become more aligned with our own truth frequency - our soul's truth. the journey to the soul is to explore our truth and live it - be it - authentically and completely. we can raise our truth frequency when we are living our truth more, thus ascending our reality via free will.

we can align our truth frequency with what we want to achieve, say for example our relationships, working and living circumstances, family relationships, etc.

we can measure our truth frequency resonance with a particular situation, place, person, relationship. the more it resonances with our truth, the higher it gets.

often, we are being tested - even the minute details, when we aren't being completely honest with ourselves and others. when we sacrifice our truth to get our way, or to get something we want. we will then be reminded in one way or another.

truth is not something to be sacrificed. it is something to be valued and lived.

it can be observed and perceived by the galactic beings. that's the currency - the soul's truth.

when we deviate from our truth, in thoughts, words, emotions, actions, we will be reminded too.

everything becomes more reflective in our daily life - the frequency deviation, energetic dissonance are manifested sooner, clearer and greater in the physical and energetic world.

once again, listen to your soul for what feels right and correct.

you can never go wrong if you follow your soul's truth.

listen to the heart, not the mind, listen carefully, to our bodily sensations, our gut feeling.

the cosmic fire burns away all cunningness, trickery, deception, illusion. what remains is the truth - crystallised, with crystallised perception we can perceive the soul's truth.

this is what we own, our lawful right.

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