Releasing inorganic timelines & predictive programming

The collective timelines are splitting & merging. the inorganic timelines based on submergence of lifeforce energy being hijacked - astral programming, soul fragments split, deviation from soul's truth, feeding energy to dark energy field and dark portals. Our energy has been siphoned and soul fragments being split due to inversions due to twisted values, twisted symbolism e.g. alchemy, toroidal energy, sacred numbers, inversion of light portals and sacred masculine feminine into dark portals & distorted masculine feminine, inverting light figures into dark and disguising dark agendas as 'positive'. Through inversions, it creates false field that creates distortion in our biofield as well as the collective unified field, it also creates confusion and intervenes with our pure perception and discernment. The imposition of false inorganic timelines in the collective unified field creates scrambled and split timelines, creating confusion in our collective perception.

The collective unified field has been fed by 3D matrix, poverty consciousness, incapacity consciousness. the collective has been giving their power away to false messiah figures, big tech corporations. This led to 'save me' mentality, psychic laziness, indulgence in material, AI world, laziness in social human interactions, bit by bit depriving soul of food - love and warmth.

The collective unified field has to dissolve and consciously reject the inorganic timelines based on fear, dependency and AI consciousness. We have to anchor truth, responsibility for the soul, positivity, source connection, human intrinsic values, serving the humanity and reconnection with our stellar families, our basis of love.

Timelines can be ascended through clearing karmic debts and voiding soul contracts. we can see different possible timelines and connect with the 'golden' timeline. in fact the golden timeline can keep changing depending on our frequency, thoughts, emotions.

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Gong Recording - Soul Aurganic
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