Reclaiming our Soul Energy

Please release all energetic cords & magnetic field overlays with energy vampires, psychically, mentally, emotionally, physically. disconnect me from spiritual energy vampires. dissolve all spiritual dissonance, and reclaim moral integrity, spiritual integrity, emotional and mental integrity in the collective. release the energetic burden i've carried for others who are energy vampires, false spiritual 'gurus', and drama 'kings' and 'queens' in the spiritual community and in the humanity in general.

release all traumatic imprints during incidents of betrayal, on all levels, incidents involving rejection of one's truth and core values. reclaim my lost soul fragments and reclaim moral justice now, celestial justice in all realms. reclaim energetic balance when people take my energy for granted, when people don't value my worth, reclaim emotional, mental, financial, spiritual and psychic balance and justice.

i do not consent to any form of energetic, psychic abuses, spiritual imposition upon my worth, value, truth & sovereignty. i do not give permission for any being to violate me and drain and take advantage of my mental, psychic, spiritual, sexual, emotional energies, love, attention and kindness. i retrieve them all back now, and all lost soul fragments and kundalini drain through psychic attacks, programming, energy tapping via my biofield, in all dimensions, realities & timelines.

i gracefully and with divine will power & strength, stand in my soul's power to fully reclaim my soul sovereignty as who i truly am. readjust sidereal justice in grace, truth, beauty, love, peace, harmony, compassion & forgiveness.

thank you.

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Gong Recording - Soul Aurganic
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