Reclaiming our heart-based perception

Feel the inevitable connection with source.

Even when we don’t pick up the call sometimes, we still feel it deep within us. The connection is there whether we answer the call or not.

The magnetic resonance we create through feelings in the heart. The pulse that makes us humans. The things we do, the feelings we have as a heart-centred being.

We all know at the end of the trial, we’ll face triumph if we work on ourselves and impact on others in a positive way, to a more or less degree. The important thing is to follow through what we’re supposed to do.

Energy can be perceived as a heart-felt perception. We might not really perceive in the so-called 5 senses, but we can feel and perceive energy in the heart. Our heart is a multidimensional portal. The heart can generate light forms, light fractals.

The more we rely on artificial field and get sucked into artificial holograms, AI grid, inorganic magnetic fields and dark portals, our heart portal and natural organic magnetic field gets compromised and we gradually lose the capacity to receive source code and be our soul sovereign being.

Anchoring our organic magnetic resonance grants us pure perception and source connection, ability to receive light codes and purify our fields naturally, produce immunity against artificial light, fields, energy siphoning portals and dark rituals in 4D.

Our heart portal has to be purified, expanded, we can then ascend our soul frequency to higher dimensions, to reach our original stellar frequency to make that cosmic dial work. The cosmic circuit works when we can connect energetically, magnetically, and when we give active consent and show willingness to make that connection. We should make soul connection to source and energetic immunity a priority.

Deep within the heart of our heart, we realise this reality is merely a theatre for the soul to evolve. We have to ultimately know and truly feel why we are here. Right now the urgency to purify and ascend is more important than ever. Inspire others to change, create magnetic resonance with others through our powerful heart portal, create magnetic resonance with our galactic stellar alliance!

Purify our heart with the rose essence, droplet by droplet. Feel the purity and translucence of the rose, its fragrance. The love for the soul and humanity. Have compassion for ourselves and others. Have compassion for the ‘enemy’, have compassion for all life forms. To know and feel the heart’s language.

To reactivate the heart portal to infinity. Emotions of love, emotions of a heart-based being. To reclaim these as our right as a human stellar being. Reclaim them now! That’s wat makes us human.

Through opening the heart, we can then expand our throat, the open heart with everflowing light has to be expressed and shared, with love and generosity.

A closed heart caused by traumas and wounds would prohibit the opening of the heart portal – makes us trap in our dramas, and base ourselves in instinctive, survival mentality. As a result, the heart cannot open and receive light, and stay trapped in the 3D. when we connect with the sun, the solar energy nourishes our heart, as our heart is a mini sun.

We have to make this a priority to nourish our heart and stay connected with source. The more we stay connected with source and our stellar light alliance, the more we can hold space for others and we no longer feed energy to those who impose their programming, infiltration, and inorganic field upon us. We can start developing a natural liking for what is good for our soul and create less resistance to our soul path.

Reclaim what is lawfully ours, according to sidereal justice.

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