Mysteries Unveiled!

In December 2012, I had a strange vivid dream of Vitruvian Man. I was sitting at a square/ ‘multiside’ table and we had champagne glasses of water in front of us. I was refilling water with a jug of water. The glasses were numbered with 91,92,93,96,97. After figuring them out, I realized where we were sitting represents the Tree of Life.

I was sitting at no. 6 and the Vitruvian Man sitting at no. 9 position. This man sitting opposite me had curly grey hair with glasses. He looked intently at me and pointed at the glasses that needs refilling.

Glass no. 7 was almost empty, glass no. 9 was half full, glass no. 8 was almost full but still needs refilling. The act of pouring water representing circulating and activating crystalline light codes. After 3 years of uncovering this mystery, I now realized the three points (or four) represent the 3 sol-stars near Pleiades cluster and the fourth is probably our Earth Sun.

The Vitruvian Man & Orion’s Belt

Da vinci was thought to ‘conceal’ messages of the Tree of Life in this painting by drawing 3 ‘dimples’ in his abdomen area – and later found to be The Orion Belt (3 stars) – Alnitak (Gevurah), Alnilam (Tiphereth) and Mintaka (Chesed).

It is actually the sephiroth Tiphereth where I was sitting.

When you connect the Orion’s Belt and draws ‘upwards’, you will find the Pleiades constellation. Surprisingly, there are 3 sun-like stars near the Pleiades 7-star clusters. As Pyramid of Giza is aligned with Orion’s Belt, there was extension from Orion’s Belt stretching to the three sun-like stars! In particular, the sol star 1, the brightest out of the three, aligns with the solar temple of Ra near Abusir in Egypt.

These three sun-like stars form a T shape or a triangular shape. The three sun-like stars form the cup of the chalice representing sacred feminine, whereas the Orion’s belt form the bottom part of the chalice – representing sacred masculine. The capstone of the pyramid would form the upright triangle. The two could form the shape of a Star of David or Merkabah.

An interesting connection between Andromeda and Egypt is Saqqara stepped pyramid, which I ‘saw’ when I was in a meditative state. During the meditation, I could ‘taste’ and experience energy like a fabric, with its texture, tone and colours as I was recording sounds. Every moment is the vibration of the beings here. It was as if I had travelled to another dimension. I was told to ‘seed’ starseed constructs which recently have been more fully developed.

These Orion-Pleiades-Sunstar alignment is also found in other countries such as America, France, Germany, New Mexico, India, Jerusalem, Iran, Iraq, Scotland, UK, Dubai, Turkey, Oak island, Australia, Peru, Ethiopia, South America, South Africa, Cambodia, Easter Island, China and off-planet on Mars.

The Triangular portal formation also coincides with existing Earth portals called 12 vile vortices

Recently, a new portal activation was created by forming triangular portal activation in which we can connect with Inner Earth, Sun-like star & Galactic Sun, forming a diamond shape. This reminded me of an ancient plate someone showed me of Atlantean and Lemurian civilization in which three points form an interdimensional portal. The DNA light codes surrounding the triangular portals assist us in travelling across space-time. In the same token, we can do portal work by deactivating triangular dark portal on Earth and in the galaxy.

As we are reaching closer to 13th star sign Ophiuchus, the serpent holder, we are getting closer to the portal of God. The other is the portal of men, which is connected to Sirius, Pleiades & Orion. These two gates govern the East and West axis, whereas the Northern & Southern Cross govern the South and North – with corresponding constellation of Crux and Cygnus, respectively. The Southern cross forms a shape like an almond, which was an ancient symbol of divine feminine.

When we circulate light codes across the 4 axes, we anchor the zero-point heart-space divine feminine energy.

Going back to 2014, when I received my reiki attunement, I was given an extra symbol that has a triangle with a spiral inside. It actually represents the portal activated within the triangular portal.

In February in 2018, a strange incident happened overnight in which a spiral shape was cut out of plastic tub the next morning (see Image). The cut was very neat and there was even a little indication of attempt to cut further. There were no sharp objects near it at all, and the cutout shape was not found anywhere else in an enclosed cupboard. The spiral shape again represents DNA but also portals.

In March 2018, a new healing modality Tachyon Soulprint was born in which stellar language, soul blueprint connection and Toroidal energy are incorporated. During this process, new stellar soul walk-ins joined in with the human vessel and worked together to fulfill soul missions.

In May 2018, a hole was poked through a soap whilst I was doing sounding. It was a heart-shaped soap. I now realized it was related to activating quantum DNA tunnelling from the heart as the heart is a powerful multidimensional portal. It is one of the key crystalline DNA portals which is one of the areas of my healing.

In August 2019, I visited some crop circles in which I connected with Merlin and my potential rainbow children. Since then, I was connecting with them and exchanging crystalline light codes with them.

In September 2020, an intense toroidal energy current ran through me and during the process, there was an interchange of crystalline light codes between my crystalline DNA portals, Earth portals and Stellar portals. There were lots of colours and mainly three key colours for each portal, whether it’s planetary or galactic. I could feel my hands vibrating. After then, I started to be able to anchor new soul contracts and re-route my timelines. The three rainbow children I had soul contracts with no longer have to be born as my biological children, even though we can still connect energetically.

A few weeks after, I then realized a new light portal was activated where I lived! The same also happened to a friend I was doing some toroidal energy work with. Whenever I was there, I would feel intense energy and information coming through. The two of us did a portal connection and circulated light codes between the two earth portals.

In October 2020, an interesting visual appeared when the sun shone on the glass. It looked like the image of cosmic mother holding sword holding space for galactic portals. The double rainbow arcs one envelops the earth portal another envelopes stellar light portal. The pyramid is the human vessel with the capstone activated – also called solar disc.

During an interesting meditation, a being came in that felt like Inner Earth being. She was grinning at me and she was walking across during points in the circle. She bent her body and formed like a shape of inverted U shape. Later, it reminded me that it represents the Omega – the stargate. She also created a swirling light energy around the circle. That gave me inspiration for the Toroidal Stargate Activation healing modality.

In November 2020, I received information that I no longer have to use ‘sounds’ to conduct healing. A new healing modality called Toroidal Stargate Activation was then born. Using focused intent and directing toroidal energy, I can then conduct interdimensional and multidimensional healing, working on biofield, DNA, timelines, soul contracts, twin soul connection, starseed awakening, stellar soul walk-ins activation, light portal activation, stellar portal light code circulation, releasing stellar and galactic karma, quantum unification with the new earth frequency.

We are stargates. We are holographic frequencies. Remember we belong to the stars and it’s time to reconnect with our stellar origins. When we connect with the truth frequency, we will be protected and looked after as the truth frequency is the creator god frequency. It’s imminent time to shine more light and to anchor the most ascended timelines for the humanity!

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