Letter to wake up the humanity

wake up the humanity, the unconsciousness! the people who don't bother to see the truth, people who don't bother to change and improve, people who lack the will power, integrity, backbone, consciousness to make a difference in the world and in themselves, people who get caught up by day-to-day life and run on an autopilot mode based on the 3D matrix and are so attached and feed energy to the power grid and monetary system, that they'd rather sacrifice the humanity for their financial social gain and benefits. rescue those who still have a spark of conscience and soul, those who are on the fence, to wake up, to listen to and act upon their conscience and soul consciousness to make a radical and urgent change, to evolve on a soul level.

rescue and wake up those sleeping starseeds, grant them lucidity, courage to see and perceive who they truly are, and have the courage to change, and get out of their lunar mind programming and control, get out of 3d matrix cube, out of their attachments, whether material, emotional and mental and let go of victim mentality, and get out of their comfort zone. wake up these precious souls, open their eyes and ears, to see and hear and perceive with utmost lucidity and clarity.

magnetise the human beings towards truth, integrity, real justice, authentic happiness, trust, faith, source consciousness, inner peace, to be aligned with their soul's truth, with love for the humanity and soul evolution and our fellow human beings. create a magnetising field around the entire earth, anchoring frequency of love, joy, integrity, lucidity, justice, light, yearning for improvement, comprehension, discernment, inner peace, courage, defining actions of truth, soul consciousness, liberation, authenticity. reclaim stellar human blueprint and all that we lawfully deserve.

much love and gratitude

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