Energetic circuits & Crystalline fluids

energetic circuits are like electric circuits, if there's blockage in the circuit, energy cannot run through properly. it then creates a disconnection between energy points or centres or stagnant energy, making the person feel disconnected and incomplete.

for example, the energetic circuit between the heart and the brain enables us to feel connected and aligned with our super thoughts and emotions, and reaching superior perception as a result. the energetic circuit between the throat and third eye enables us to express what we focus on or want.

the heart is a powerful magnetic portal that connects to our multidimensional timelines & realities. what happens is some people tend to want to activate the third eye before their heart portal gets activated, it then creates some problem as the heart connects us with the foundation of superior emotions and connects us to source. it is also the zeropoint space within our human vessel.

crystalline fluids are the waters that accelerates the energetic flow. the purer and cleaner it is, the better the flow is. Most of the time the fluids are tempered with through psychic, astral, interdimensional and infradimensional hijacks or attacks and on the 3d plane, via sexual energy exchange. our dna and rna is precious in the way that who we interact with changes our dna and rna, especially in cases in which someone encounters toxic relationships.

another means when our crystalline fluids can be hijacked is through electromagnetic frequencies that can possibly create subliminal mind control programming, fear-based programming, generating fight-or-flight responses based in the back of the head. it also works in conjunction with heavy metals and nanotechnology.

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