11:11 embrace Creator frequency - anchor ascending timelines!

During these exciting times when energy is heightened - whether it's thoughts, emotions, psyche, we are entering a time where timelines are crossed - some are like new doors opening, some are like false openings pretending to be part of the game.

the collective timeline is being hijacked at this critical time - with images, symbolism, numerology, on this plane and in other dimensions.

release the false projections, narrative projected into the unified field of the collective, purify collective timeline and unified field off false projections and suggested false timelines/ realities.

it's time to watch yourself, your thoughts, actions, see if it is aligned with the truth frequency, see if it is aligned with your soul's truth, see if it is aligned with integrity.

hold, sustain the frequency of truth, integrity, perseverance, love, compassion, humility & grace, picture it, experience it, feel it in your skin, with gratitude & joy to be alive in this moment.

connect with this energy in the heart field, in the pineal gland and project this ascended timeline & reality.

shift from the place of expectation and survival mode to the place of authenticity and strength, and simply trust, know that you are already here.

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Gong Recording - Soul Aurganic
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