Platonic Solids



Platonic solids come from the Fruit of Life which extends to Metatron’s Cube. You can find them inside the Metatron’s Cube. Each platonic solid represents a different element. A dedicated researcher in sacred geometries called Drunvalo divided these platonic solids into male, female and child, as in a form of Tree of Life. The left column represents the male component, the left brain and the proton. The right column represents the female component, the right brain and the electron. The middle colum represents the child, the corpus callosum and the neutron. In terms of the Earth’s consciousness, the right column is the missing component for balance and completion. Dodecahedron and Icosahedron are duals for each other. The right side is also the Christ or unified consciousness. According to Dan Winter, DNA molecules are constructed by the dual relationship of dodecahedrons and icosahedrons. The dodecahedron is the basic form of the Christ consciousness grid.


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