Octahedron - Protect - Air

1.   Protection against Energy Vampires, Attacks, Entities & Mind-reading

·       It protects us from and eliminates energy drain, psychic attacks, curses, all black magic (in DNA and ancestral), envy, evil eye, spells, banshees, macumbas, entity-attachment, mindreading, ill-intended interferences, physical and energetic surveillance in all dimensions and realities for our highest good.

·       It assists us to have the lucidity and awareness to spot the ‘blind’ spot, to unveil the hidden truths and prevent possible attacks on all levels.

·       It protects against and eliminates any lower vibrational intentions attached to messages, mails or objects.

·       It protects against people/ a mass aiming towards you with dense vibrational frequencies in all forms and dimensions, and clears all the dense vibration that have been focused on you.

·       It protects against and eliminates mind-reading, emotion-reading, data-tracking from CCTV cameras and other surveillance technology.

·       It protects against and eliminates karmic manipulation in which someone or entity consciously or unconsciously sends karmic energy to you that is not personally yours and not of your ancestors, releases karmic entanglement or consciousness pain trap.

·       It releases and protects against soul binding/ energtic binds/ energetic cords as a kind of spell-casting to suppress one’s consciousness into fear patterns. It releases and protects against moloch – a soul binding entity and energetic container used in satanic rituals.

·       It releases and protects against suppressor parasite entity, genetic artificial intelligence AI drons or Archons in the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) – mind and body parasites sent to starseeds, indigos to suppress them.


2.   Protection against Geoengineering, Chemtrails & Wireless Radiation

·       It reverses effects of pesticides, bacteria in GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) and chemtrails.

·       It protects against and eliminates the adverse effects of wireless radiation including 5G technology, HAARP, Elf waves, Gwen transmitters, scalar waves, smart meters, surveillance and brainwave control through Global Smart Grid, spy satellites like Echelon, ultrasound activating mind control through the smart dust, Morgellons, smart dust and AI, including emotional, sexual, mental control, fluoride, laser technology, nanotechnology including nanochips, RFID chip, DARPA brain chip, nano-robots (nanites) in food, clothing, medicine, mobile devices and vaccination.

·       It prevents the satellites from tracking us and performing mind control on us through 5G and focused beams of intense microwave radiation.

·       It prevents and protects against remote genetic engineering, thought implants, emotion implants, dream implants by 5G, nanoparticles, nanotechnology, satellites and microwave radiation.

·       It protects against and reverses adverse effects of psychotronic millimetre wave technology, space fence and synthetic biology.

·       It prevents Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from disrupting the blood-brain barrier and increasing permeability of the intestinal lining, to prevent metal, nanoparticles, nanochips being permeable to the brain and the gut membrane, causing adverse effects to our mind, psyche, emotions, impulse control and even prevents women from getting pregnant.

·       It prevents EMF from opening calcium channels thus absorbing too much calcium into the body.

·       It prevents the adverse effect of EMF – disrupting the production of the hormone melatonin by the pineal gland, thus disrupting our immune and glandular system, as well as endocrine system, increasing oxidative stress and inflammatory in the system, reducing emotional, cognitive and intuitive capacities, reducing sensitivity to the natural geomagnetic frequencies such as the Schumann resonance, the micro pulsations of the cosmos, disturb thyroid and metabolic functioning.

·       It prevents the development of an electromagnetic interphase between the cerebral and the computer. In other words, it assists us to maintain our original character, and vibrate on a heart and soulful level.

·       It helps preserve the original function of the pineal gland – antioxidant, fight against free radicals, anti-cancer, contribute to the rhythmic inspiration and maintain equilibrium within the human creation, controls the centres of the hypothalamus, portal to subtle dimensions and space-time, connector between the physical and metaphysical, window to the soul, storage of vital fluid of Universal consciousness

·       It prevents the pineal gland from calcifying – by fluoride, chloride, calcium and other toxic chemicals and substances, prevents fatigue, toxicity in the central nervous system and loss of memory.

·       It helps regulate the production of serotonin, melatonin and endorphin so that we have enough for our wellbeing.

·       It helps protect against adverse effects caused by aspartame, glyphosate, Sucralose, Saccharin, sugar to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It helps minimise the adverse effects of GMOs, harmful radiation, chemtrails caused to our glands, including pituitary gland, thyroid glands, adrenal glands, pineal gland, endocrine gland, hypothalamus, hormones and to our biological clock and rhythm.

·       It assists the thalamus gland in firing the alpha waves to facilitate the balance between the heart and the brain. It also facilitates the connection between the thalamus gland, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

·       It protects against and reverses any influence of viral and bacterial contaminants in vaccines, especially Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), mycoplasma infiltration, [G1] glyphosate infiltration, glass contamination and other contamination that may cause adverse effects to our wellbeing.

·       It protects against and reverses any adverse effects of psychiatric drugs especially anti-depressants. It eliminates the withdrawal symptoms of psychiatric drugs.

·       It prevents and protects against DNA alteration and breakdown via any means. 

·       It strengthens our physical vital body, helps improves our immune system.

·       It protects and strengthens our mental and emotional body, giving us more lucidity, consciousness and alertness during the day.

·       It eliminates the adverse effect of losing our original character, temperament and personality, and eliminates chances of developing robotic character full of coldness.

·       It eliminates the effects that these influences affect how we process information – brain placidity.

·       It eliminates the effects of 5G and millimetre waves in travelling through the skin and nervous system, in affecting the eyes, the periphery nervous system, sweat glands, making pathogens resistant to antibiotics.

·       It eliminates and protects against the adverse effects of LED lights (e.g. street lights, mobile phones, light bulbs, computer and laptop lights) in creating insomnia, nose bleed, premature death of babies, EMF disrupting nitrogen monoxide system, melatonin reduction, instant tracking, controlling gene expression and mind control. It prevents and protects against our information and lightwaves being extracted via LED lights and protects against thoughts, emotions, lightwave and frequencies being beamed to us through the LED lights.

·       It prevents street lamps and other devices like sun simulator used as mass-access internet source as AI control grid.

·       It eliminates and prevents the adverse effects of A.I. connecting to the human brain, adverse effects of A.I. interacting with human brain and dictate our thoughts and emotions.

·       It reverses and eliminates adverse effects of plastic chemical BPA, such as gender bending, plummeting sperm counts and testosterone, the effects of synthetic endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC) on our physical, emotional and mental aspects, such as altering sex hormones, reducing male hormone concentration, mimicking female hormones, disrupts entire genital sequence.

·       It reverses and eliminates adverse effects of lunar influences, influences from planet Saturn as well as other planet energies from affecting our psyches, emotions and thoughts and overall wellbeing on all levels, in all dimensions and realities.

·       It eliminates the adverse effects of ‘payload’ (James Scott, 2018), that is the frequency emitted by the computer such as migraines, vomiting and aggressive behaviour.

·       It prevents the side effects of electromagnetic and geo-engineering: disrupting the electromagnetic energetic balance and the homeostatic rhythm of the body, hyper-immunity state and/or adrenal exhaustion, meallic frequency overload, parasites, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms overgrown, energetic parasites impacting all bodily functions, mental body functions and thought-forms, emotionally hysterical states, disconnection from inner self and spiritual energies.

·       Releases and protects against consciousness sweeps – on and off planet NAA psychotronic warfare technology transmitted through extremely low frequency (ELF), GWEN, and radio waves firected into the planetary body and earth surace to affect the unconscious mind, neurological system, brain of the collective mind. It is used to trace or monitor levels of frequency waves and insert mind slides into general areas to divert attention of the public from recognising an event.


3.   Protection against Negative Thought Forms and Mental Projections

·       It protects against any mental projections and negative thought forms from others and from ourselves to others, whether consciously or subconsciously, including those that stem from envy, insecurities, inferiority/ superiority complexes, fears and greed.

·       It helps eliminate adverse effects from the impressions received from the mass media and social media. [G2] 

·       Prevents our perception of things, people, objects, concepts be influenced by mental projections of others, including ancestors and past lives, genetic influences, environmental influences, and infinite number of layers of mental projections from others/ objects

·       Prevents and eliminates the adverse effects of our and others’ mental projections on our and others’ wellbeing on all levels, dimensions and timelines preventing perception to be partial in either positive or negative light

·       Prevents ourselves be conduit of mental projections, whether it is from ourselves, or from others, ancestors, Past Life, in all dimensions, realities and timelines



4.   Protection against Mind Control & Genetic Engineering

·       Prevents and eliminates and reverses adverse effects of mind control programmes and chips, implants, fibroids, brainwave hypnosis programmes, clones, including astral clones, psychic clones, entity attachments, subliminal message implants into our body, subtle bodies, in all dimensions.

·       Protects against and reverses effects of Protection against mind control through cybernetworks, such as cyborgs, cybernetics, cyber cloning.

·       Protects against and reverses and eliminates adverse effects of soul blockage, soul fragmentation, mercury, aluminium, GMO food’s triple effect on mind control.

·       Protects against and eliminates adverse effects of recruitment from the dark aliens for the military MILAB, for psychic purposes[G3] [G4] , human trafficking in space, against hallucination, spies on the mind, alien abduction, DNA and tissues extractions, DNA infiltration, alteration and breakdown, mind control via the reptilian brain. 

·       Enhances discernment and perception between human beings and dark alien beings, and between the light and dark beings.

·       Enhances ability to prevent possible upcoming attacks and mind control.

·       Protects against and eliminate synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba in our energetic field.

·       Family and ancestors of the receivers will automatically receive protection against attacks from dark forces. Mind control protection will also work on ancestors and future generations indirectly.

·       Protects against and elimination of synthetic human genome, transhumanism .

·       Protects against and elimination of non-real memory infusion.

·       Protects against any devices or programmes that contribute to emotion control, impulse control, and altering brainwave and lowering state of consciousness and lucidity.

·       Disowns thoughts, feelings and emotions that are inserted to us by the program and allows us to own our true feelings and emotions.

·       Protects against and eliminates adverse influences by the moon and Saturn in brain control, impulse control, emotion control, perception control.

·       Allows us to perceive the reality out of our frequency range.

·       It releases and protects against adverse effects of subtle subliminal messages including symbols, audios, and other materials indicating satanism and dark cults. It enhances our ability to spot these symbols and messages.

·       Protection against and eliminates the adverse effects of Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) – a foucsed beam of sound and Voice of God Technology by means of helicopters, celphone towers and commercial vehicles etc. to mind control and emotion control human beings.

·       Protection against holographic implant/ insert – false memories implanted in people’s timelines to exert control over one’s belief systems and to emotionally manipulate that person.

·       Protects against and eliminates the adverse effects of viruses causing genetic engineering such as animal viruses, plant viruses, fungal viruses, and viruses infeting bacterium. It can be subdivided into DNA viruses, RNA viruses, reverse transcribing viruses, subviral particles/ infectious entities such as viroids, satellites, prions and faulty protein. Eliminates genetic transduction, genetic mutation, gene transfer. Protects against and eliminates gene alteration from exposure to or injection of foreign genetic material, achieved when DNA/ RNA of another species or animal is introduced into the bloodstream through vaccinations or drugs or when programmable virus elements encode a new DNA pattern in its host. 

·       eliminates AI implants such as Reptilian Tail located on the base of the coccyx to stop the lower three bodies from forming into a merkabah spinning field which allows drawing in higher source fields from the higher soul planes and the moadic planes for the lightbody. It blocks the Kundalini activation.  (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).

·       Releases and protects against aging disease or cell death programs, assorted implants or uploaded mental programs to acticate negative lavels for medical classification of diseases, rapid aging, and inability for tissues to adequately repair cellular integrity, leading to cell death. These programs activate diseases, implement pharmaceutical and drug dependencies, take over the central nervous system whilst shortening healthy life spans.

·       Releases and protects again 666 implant or templar seal – a genetic block in the 6th dimensionall frequency layers reising within the 6D indigo Ray and 7D Violet Ray Monad or oversoul bodies and crown chakra.

·       Removes and protects against metatronic implants – in the shadow body or negative form to reverse and drain life force out of the earth body and the human body. It assists us to reconnect the ascending postential of the 12th dimensional template of the human body. This Alien Machinery uses artificial intelligence to parsitize the earth’s life force to achieve immortality, referred to the Black Tree of Life.

·       Releases and protects against crucifixion implants located on the left side of the body on the 7th axiational lines: top of skull on the left side, heart, left lung, back of left knee, pineal gland, left side of neck and lymphatics, rear left thigh and buttocks, alta major, hypothalamus, left shoulder, aorta artery on left side of neck.

·       Releases and protects against crown of thorns – to disort the natural energetic circuitry of the crown and block the higher self communication, blocks vertical communication channel around the head, skull and crown, limit access to higher self bodies.

·       Releases and protects against glandular system implants – malfunctions in the path of the Kundalini rising that impact the brain receivers and the Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Pineal gland, Thyroid and Thymus. Prevents the interference of the sequence of fire letters to arrange correctly in the DNA template, causing loss of species memory and language.

·       Releases and protects against solar to earth chakra implant – interfering with the 10th dimension communication from the Avatar, inability to ground into 12D field hub or earth based chakra interface. Blocking 12D shielding, connecting crown to feet in vertical channel, AI hologram spin out of negative form.

·       Releases and protects against Splitter technology – AI encoding that runs as Mind Control Script embedded into various types of media, written, spoken words, video or audio recordings, that pass on same scripted code to another person that resonates with the same frequency or information.

·       Releases and protects against sexual mind control implants, specifically on creating destructive addictions and deviant sexual attitudes and behaviour. Such as sexual misery program and Victim-Victimizer.

·       Releases and protects against holographic inserts – false realities that we thought were real and developed mental beliefs that held that specific version of reality and timelines. They work like software programmes.

·       Releases and protects against mind slide programmes – make us ignore unapproved ‘words’, terms or issues that involve enslavement or torture. It is a form of mind control and sometimes erases memories implemented through radio waves that form frequencies that transmit into one’s unconscious mind in their bioenergetic field.

·       Removes and protects against implants: Fleur De Lis artifacts, Distorted DNA seed code artifacts, distorted arc codes, vesical pisces implant, breeder implants, vampire and predator implants, sexual energy genetic crasher or stealer of code, reversal polarity of sexual fluids, genetic experiments on genitals (current or soul history memory), genital mutilation in the etheric body, etheric semen from astral and etheric rapes, burn mark brands, clamps or metal structures blocking organic energies from opening in the energy body and moving up the certical channel, etheric weapons.

·       Removes and protects against reptilian brain implant – placed in the structure of the brain stem via the medulla oblongata, attaches through the two pyramids that contain the motor fibers that pass from the brain to the medulla oblongata (Decussation of the Pyramids). This implant stimulate the nervous system with artificial stimulus systems to control the nerves or transmitters to promote a specific energy, emotional state or addiction state they want to remain in the individual.


5.   Astral Projection & Protection

·       Allows you to access the astral realm safely and freely.

·       Gives you the consciousness and lucidity to take control of your dreams, to be able to alter your dreams, direct your dreams and to defend yourself against any potential attacks in dreams.  [G5] 

·       Protects you from attacks and mind control during sleep.

·       Protects you against alien DNA infiltration during sleep.

·       Protects your energetic field and protects against any energy drain during sleep.

·       Protects you against physical and energetic surveillance in your sleep.

·       Protects and eliminates entity attachments in the dreams.

·       Protects you against taking in others’ programmes during sleep when you’re sleeping with someone in your auric field.

·       Recuperates lost energy drained or taken by beings in the dreams.

·       Assists you in accessing your Akashic records (past lives).

·       Eliminates astral body larvae.

·       Prevents our energy being taken, including mental, emotional, sexual.

·       Releases and protects against scalar tagging, used by extra-dimensionals – dark confetti splattered around aura field, like astral bots that are automated to lock onto the coordinate location of a person that has been tracked or tagged. They are tracking devices that have a particular tone so that those on the Astral Plane can monitor the location and coordinates of that particular Starseed or Indigo or the targeted individual. It is specific to the person’s individual history of evolution, e.g. Lemurian tags, Atlantian tag,s Egyptian tags, Drakon Tags, Orion War Tags etc (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).

·       Releases and protects against Zeta Seal located in the Astral Plane layers of the heart complex to block activation of the 4h DNA strand which blocks access to the Mentor Fields in the 5th dimension. It is the 4D frequency fence placed in the human body to keep the human soul reincarnating in the Astral Plane under the control of the negative alien forces during the death process. It blocks the heart sensory abilities from being recognised by the mental body or conscious mind (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).


6.   Auric Field & Cellular Protection, Cleanse & Boost

·       It protects your auric field, cleanses it and energises it.

·       It cleanses and revitalises our vital body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body.

·       It blocks you from receiving other people’s negative thought forms, emotions, lavas, forming a protective shield around you.

·       It assists us to sustain our vibrational level without being affected by our surroundings.

·       It heals and repairs any auric leakages

·       It enhances the harmonising and balancing electromagnetic frequencies that our vital chi vibrates.

·       It allows our soul consciousness to emanate and radiate love, light, truth and healing to all beings and entities that enter our energetic field in all dimensions without feeling the pain of others, for the highest good and the good of all humanity.

·       It allows the transmutation and transformation of any lower vibrational energies before they enter energetic field.

·       It brings our cells and all aspects of our being in true and perfect harmony, symphony and balance.

·       It purifies and energies the cells, and purifies cellular memories, transforms any dense vibrations in the cells to subtler frequencies.

·       It balances our chakras – including the earth star, root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, soul star, soul blueprint, divine creativity, path of the soul and connection to the Monad.

·       It eliminates and prevents physical stress, emotional stress, oxidative stress and geopathic stress.

·       It balances and harmonises our physical body and physiological functions.  

·       It allows us to detach from others’ energetic field when needed.

·       It works on our physical body, to replenish the body with any deficient nutrients and eliminates allergies.

·       It increases heart coherence - an alignment within and amongst systems – whether quantum particle, organisms, human beings, social groups, planets or galaxies. This harmonious order signifies ease and flow in its processes, with feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and other ‘positive’ emotions.

·       It increases our magnetic dynamo, creating circulating energy, generating energy and aligning with energy around us, including Schumann resonance.



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