Merkabah - Awaken - all elements

1.   Detachment

·       It allows you to stay, feel and be detached from your circumstances, the outcomes, any external influences and material possessions.

·       It releases all forms of attachments – physical, emotional, mental, material, and tendency to look outwards rather than inwards.  

·       It allows you to stay, feel and be detached from any self-imposed image, beliefs, others’ judgment, any criticisms, or others’ reaction towards you.

·       It allows you to stay centred, grounded, and balanced, thus creating more peace and harmony around you.

·       It helps us to detach from the things and people we want to have/ possess and things and people we don’t want to have/ possess.

·       It eliminates dependence on external factors for our happiness.

·       It releases the desire to grasp and search for outer factors for inner peace and comfort.

2.   Spiritual Connection with Light Beings

·       It allows us to connect with the light beings, including beings from Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Antari, the Inner Earth beings Aghartha and Anshar and the 6th dimension beings the Blue Avians.

·       It helps activates the crown chakra so that we can easily connect with the light beings

·       It allows us to receive the guidance from the light beings more easily and directly, through various senses.

·       It grants us faith and trust in the divinity and releases affinity towards the dark beings.

3.   Raising Consciousness and Gaining Lucidity

·       It clears any brain fog, any mental laziness and allows us to stay more focused.

·       It helps us gain more consciousness and awareness of ourselves and of our surroundings.

·       It gives us more discernment and better perception of situations, of ourselves and of others.

·       It assists us to activate our pineal gland, specifically the piezo-luminescent crystals, such as DMT, calcite, and other crystals, enabling the source field signals to vibrate the cyrstals and release photons. It also helps strengthens the silver cord that connects the physical body and the astral body so that we can gain higher lucidity in the astral world, enabling us to send photons to the silver cord.

·       It assists us to enhance and activate melanin and pineal gland.

·       It prevents and reduces the side effects of Halide – chlorine, fluorine and bromine – in congealing cholesterol into arterial plaque.


4.   Reprogramming DNA with Light

·       It helps restructuring our DNA with light.

·       It helps awakens our soul consciousness, to connect with our consciousness, so that we won’t be fooled by deception.

·       It assists us to receive more photons into our DNA.

·       It assists us in constructing our 12 strands of DNA helices.

·       It grants us a more coherent state in the heart and allows us to connect better with the superior dimensions.

·       It enhances our capacity to channel more photonic and tachyonic light and cosmic rays for our soul consciousness and evolution of DNA.

·       It assists in activating extra-terrestrial DNA into our DNA.

·       It allows us to use our consciousness to reprogram our DNA.

·        It prevents the ego from taking the energy of the photon light that prohibits the process of DNA evolution.


5.   Healing through Timelines, Dimensions and Realities

·       It sends healing through different timelines, dimensions and parallel realities so that we can progress more smoothly, with fewer obstacles.[G1] [G2] [G3] [G4] 

·       It assists us in transitions and releasing blockages or obstacles that are existing in another dimension, timeline or reality.

·       It allows receivers to heal traumas, phobias, relationships, heal ancestral karma, prevent energetic attacks, transcend realities through dimensions and timelines.

·       It prevents CERN, D-wave quantum computers from manipulating the timelines and dimensions.

·       It eliminates and reduces the change of collective recall by the mandela effect (Clyde lewis, 2018)

·       It activates cellular memory clearing when exposed to certain timelines, relaim the identities exist within those timelines.

·       It assists us to clear out and heal the event and change the present and future timeline into a more positive reality outcome. It gives us the insight and ability to edit our own memories in our personal holographic movie. 

·       It terminates all false matrices, timelines or illusions that may have obscured the highest soul purpose and soul mission from all timelines.

·       It assists us to regress to that timeline or reveal the real memory recorded in the cellular system to surface the pain and release and heal the damage.


6.   Collective Consciousness

·       It enables us to send healing to a certain group of people who are in need or suffering.

·       It helps release any dense emotions such as fear, anguish experienced by a collective of people.

·       It helps raise the frequency of that specific collective of people, helps transform any density in that area/ region, helps lift the consciousness and vibration of the collective.

·       It also works on healing the land, sending love to the land itself, bringing more harmony and balance to the Earth.

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