Master Healing

1.      Atomic Spiral - Energy Enhancer 

·       strengthens the healing intensity of the healing.

·       This is charged with the healing energy of the golden mean spirals that were mapped when the Christ Consciousness Grid were recreated.

2.   Triple Fire – Energy Transmutor

·       emergency energy transmutor

·       works with the internal fire – the kundalini within us.

·       heals any emotional traumas and transform energies in any emergency situations.

·       as energy boost.

·       cleanse, purifies and energise subtle bodies quickly

·       retains lost mental energy, emotional energy and sexual energy in all dimensions.

·       protection against energy drain by others, forming a protective layer around our auric field.

3.   The Galactic Butterfly – Source Connection

·       helps immediate connection to the Cosmic Seed, the axis of all.

·       helps especially when someone has lost connection with the Source.

·       energy purifier and assists us to align with our soul consciousness and the universal consciousness – a ‘solar shower’ of light.

·       assists us to connect our pineal gland to our heart and strengthens this connective resonance between the two. It also allows us to connect our superior heart with superior logic.

·       assists our heart to connect more with the sun and facilitates ‘universal beat’ with the cosmos.

·       being balanced in our actions, thoughts and emotions, being aligned and act with discernment and purity of the heart, to gain connection with the Source and our soul consciousness.


4.   Celestial Animal Connection

·       assists us to connect better with the Celestial animals, the Earth, the ley lines, the meridians as well as with the Milky Way.

·       assists in sending healing to the celestial animals, including the white lions, the dolphins, the butterflies, the whales and other sacred celestial animals. 


5.   Collective Space Healing

·       assists us to send healing remotely and collectively and simultaneously to various spaces, including energy centres, stone circles, crop circles, portals, ley lines, meridians.

·       several ancient sites from Atlantis and Lemuria civilisations were incorporated into this healing.

·       allows these sites to energise the energetic points and bring more light to the planet.

·       allows us to connect more with these ancient sites and the wisdom from these advanced civilisations, especially in their golden age.


6.   The Flower of Life

·       assists us to connect to the primordial forces of life, our inner being.

·       assists us to connect to other sacred geometric symbols including the Seed of Life, the Fruit of Life, the Flower of Life, the Copts, Vesica Pscis, the Egyptian dimensional travelling wheels

·       assists us in the ascension of our DNA.

·       assists us to decode or decipher received information from the cosmos, the universe and from the angels.

·       an upgrade version of ‘Reprogramming DNA with Light' attunement, though with more emphasis on sacred geometries and our original blueprint.

·       assists us to connect back to where we originally belong on a soul level.

·       assists us to move within ancient pathways using our heart.



7.   The Vitruvian Man

·       connects with the Tree of Life, the Golden Ratio, the Toroidal energy.

·       assists us in how we connect with our Venus – creativity, artistic sense, femininity, Moon – inner being, emotional self, Mercury – how we communicate with others and express ourselves.

·       assists in connecting to the primordial sound of the Omniverse within us.

·       assists in connecting back to the pineal gland more, and hopefully channelling prana through the pineal gland better.

·       opens up perception to all sacred geometries within us.

·       helps dissolving polarity consciousness and allow us to enhance our super sensorial senses.

·       helps expanding and strengthening our Mer-Ka-Ba within us.

·       helps us connect more with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, as well as with the inner sun, stepping into our inner strength, the ‘Leo’ energy, combined with the divine feminine (Virgo), as mirrored by the Sphinx. It assists us to connect better with the Cosmic Man as this is what the Vitruvian Man represents.




8.   The Triple Goddesses

·       The three aspects are Anu, Danu and Tailtiu, as well as for Boann, Brigid and Ceridwen. Anu, Danu and Tailtiu, represent abundance, movement and strength respectively. Boann, Brigid and Ceridwen represent creativity, inspiration and transformation respectively.

·       linked to the swan love energy, the Cygnus constellation, which is also a Celtic animal totem that represents unconditional love, grace, beauty, elegance, divinity and radiance.

·       allows us to tap into different aspects of femininity and allow us to truly embrace our vulnerabilities, yet to be assertive, creative, vibrant, resilient, determined and loving.

·       receive the Munay-Ki Rite and the Rite of the Womb.

·       heals the ancestral mothers and reconnects with the feeling of being remothered.

·       the energy of the Black Madonna, the symbol of Blessed Virgin Mary, is also incorporated into this healing, offering us the divine feminine energy of love and constant sacrifices. 

·       the energy of Greek Goddess Athena is also incorporated into this healing, to grant us love, purity, assertiveness, will power and courage.

·       the energy of the Egyptian Goddess Hathors was incorporated. They are dolphin-like fourth-dimensional beings from the planet Venus, who assist the humanity through love and sound.

·       the energy of the Serpent of Light, and various areas that this energy has travelled through have been incorporated, including the wisdom of Waithata and Maori tribes in Aeotearoa.

·       places that were linked to the human chakras on the female spiral in Uxmal were incorporated.


9.   Tachyon & Toroidal Energy

·       opens multi-dimensional portal and space time portal and assists us in accessing these portals and parallel realities and spheres of existence.

·       sends healing to parallel realities and through various portals. It helps us connect internally with the primordial Gods, through the key of life and infinite eternity.

·       assists in regenerating, transmitting and receiving free zero-point energy.

·       helps us with galactic and intergalactic communication.

·       grants us protection, access to infinite spiralling energy and opening gateway to the stars.

·       balances and strengthens the physical, mental, emotional and ethereal body and our chakras.

·       works on our immune system, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive system.

·       protects us against electro smog and electromagnetic waves and nuclear energy.

·       assists us to unlock the genetic code that was encrypted in our DNA, enabling us to receive more light from the stellar beings. It assists us to achieve sonoluminescence – tapping into a higher dimensional source for energy (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).





10.     The Christ Consciousness Grid


The Christ Consciousness Grid assists us to connect to the Christ Consciousness Grid that sustains the consciousness of the humanity. Through this healing attunement, it assists us in these transitional times, to awaken our consciousness, to release duality consciousness and attachment to the third-dimensional world. It assists us to be adapted to the transition to the fourth dimension and gradually to the fifth dimension. It assists us to connect to our living Merkabah within us. It enables us stability in our mind, emotions and psyche so that we can endure the pole shift is taking place. It enables us to receive more light and be able to channel more light for the awakening of consciousness.

On the other hand, it allows us to connect more with the female component of the consciousness grid – with the platonic solids Icosahedron and Dodecahedron, especially stellated dodecahedron, which forms the basis of the Christ Consciousness Grid. On a planetary level, this heals the Earth and helps it to sustain the Christ Consciousness Grid.

The Christ Consciousness Grid allows receivers’ cells to be in oneness, in coherence in thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, actions, according to our soul consciousness. Also, the mother and child components are added into this healing.

On 14th December, the Christ Consciousness Grid was upgraded with the Birkeland Current that enhances receivers to access this Birkeland current with higher intensity and quicker assimilation for the highest good of the soul consciousness. It also allows us to connect and feel the geomagnetic field of the Earth and connect better with other fellow human beings as every soulful being connect to each other through this geomagnetic field. This update allows our hearts to connect to the heart of the Universe, the heart of all soulful beings and the heart of nature. It also assists us to connect to the tiny space in the heart, the sacred place in the heart, thus connect to a fourth-dimension heart as mentioned in ancient Vedic text, to connect to the centre of the galaxy.

On 2nd January, the energy of the tallest natural pyramid in the world called the Cerro Tusa energised this healing (see images 82a &b). Cerro Tusa is located in Venecia municipality of Antioquia, Colombia. It is also called The Goddess of the Mirror, as a woman’s face can be seen portrayed on its side as the sun shines upon it (see images 83). It is a special space for UFO sightings (Teleantioquia, 2017) (see image 84). People also claimed there are dimensional portals and guardians watching the pyramid. Together with Cerro Tusa, other two mountains that surround it forming a triangle have also charged this healing – Cerro Batero and Cerro San Vicente. Apparently, these three mountains represent the three goddess. According to a friend, image of three goddesses and number 333  also appeared quite frequently (see images 85a &b).

The legend speaks about a guardian god and Goddess Michua governed the life of the tribe Umbras and other tribes in this sacred mountain. Goddess Michua was a warrior that turned water into blood and vines into snakes and threw lightning to the enemies from nearby villages.

On 26th January, a new update included enabling humanity to access the conscious divine living information in the geometric shapes in the galaxy that creates ascension. It also grants us heightened ability to decode new codes from the new photons we receive each day that speeds up our DNA evolution.

A recent update includes enhancing connection with the Platinum Crystal in the earth and its crystalline frequencies in healing anti-life reversal current, metatronic reversal and artificial signals of mind control. The Platinum Crystal and Platinum Ray current activate the Sun Discs which are organic spirals of gold crystalline technology in the planetary grid extending out into holographic light frequency patterns. The Sun Disc technology that had been dormant since Atlantian times began to be activated when the Platinum Crystal became activated in the earth body. Christ Consciousness Grid activates the Sun Disc Technology in generating crystalline lattice that connect directly with the crystal core and run throughout the earth body in the sun-star networks in the Galactic and Universal plane. The planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of stellar and crystal consciousness with geometric patterns of Universal Creation code. This healing also assists us to travel intergalactic highways of coherent crystalline solar light that allows for consciousness transport to other dimensions (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).

A new Universal Layer of Paliadorian Solar Bodies have recently interconnected with the planetary Sun Disc network. The Paliadorian Suns are also called Sun-Stars, transmitting star crystals and star bodies and stellar frequencies. Christ Consciousness Grid healing assists us to connect with this Paliadorian Suns, to receive its transmission of healing crystal frequencies, in healing the solar bodies and consciousness body. It also assists in sending crystalline energies to un Disc vortices in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, Giza, Ehypt and Uluru, Australia and Easter island (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).

Furthermore, this healing assists us to integrate and unite with the Galactic Suns, to bring the consciousness memories and instruction set of our eternal Diamond Sun body back into our Crystal Heart, to return us bck to the consciousness of Oneness. It assists alignment of the Diamond Sun Body frequencies with our physical body and retrieve consciousness memories (Energetic Synthesis, 2019).


11..   The Ankh

The Ankh connects us to the Egyptian wisdom – the wisdom of resurrection and time-space travel and multidimensional travel. It also grants us the wisdom of preserving sexual energy and eternal life and true liberation – with the Ankh. It assists us to connect to the Orion’s Belt constellation, Canis Major, Sirius, Orion, Draco, Thuban, Polaris, Ursa Minor, the Pleiades, the star Sirius, the 24-division Egyptian Wheels that aid ascension, the Great Pyramids of Giza – the free zero-point energy and space-time portal and the Sphinx. It also enables us to connect to the wisdom of the ancient civilisation – Atlantis, the use of Sound, crystals and electromagnetic energy as a form of healing. It helps us to connect with the stargate, the intergalactic travel. By connecting to the energy of the Ankh , the Djed, representation of resurrection and eternal life and the Shen the encircling protection and the Bird Nejbet, it assists us to open the interdimensional and space-time portal with protection to achieve liberation and ascension of the soul consciousness.

This healing also connects to several ancient sites such as The River Nile, Bent pyramid of Sneferu, the Red pyramid of Dashur, Pyramid of the north in Zawyet El-Aryan, Pyramid of Djedefre Aby Rawash, the White pyramid, the Layer pyramid, Pyramid of Chephren – Giza, Pyramid of Mycerinus, Temple of Luxor, The crooked pyramid, pyramid of Teti,  Serapeum of Saqqara, Abydos Temple, Abu Simbel, Colossi of Memnon, Temple of queen Nefertari built by Rameses, Smaller temple of Abu Simbel dedicated to Hathor, Ramesseum temple, Karnak Temple of Amon Ra and temple of Denderah.

The Ankh also represents the movement of the heart chakras – the Christ Heart chakra (middle heart) and the personal heart (higher heart), making a cross. Here’s an image of the side view of the human with the cross as the movement of the chakra. (see image 86a).





The early Christianity symbol has also incorporated the ankh and the breathing of the heart chakra in it (see image 79b). The heart chakra is the only chakra that moves in both directions – sideways and forward and backwards (Melchizedek, 2000). Thus, this healing assists us to be centred in the heart, as indicated in the movement of this important chakra. It also assists us to transit from personal love to Christ love. This healing attunement has also been charged with the energy of Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet Earth, specifically the Chalice Well and the Tor. This healing enables us to feel the connection between the earth and heaven, the cosmos, the Earth and humans. It also assists us to live by our axis, by our heart, as the Pyramids are also located in the centre of the Earth that divides the Earth equally (as mentioned before). The ship that protected the ascended masters in Atlantean times was also incorporated to assist us to go through transitional times and grant us protection in this special time.







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