Inspirations - Dogon Tribe & Dolphin Beings

In a book called The Sirius Mystery, Robert Temple wrote about his research on this African tribe near Timbuktu called the Dogons. There are caves with wall drawings over 700 years old. The Dogons are very knowledgeable about the star Sirius A, the brightest star in the sky, next to the constellation Orion’s Belt. The Pleiades is twice the distance above this bright illuminous star. The information in the Dogon cave showed another star rotating around Sirius, called Sirius B. Not only did the Dogons know about the rotational pattern of the stars, and planets like Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, they also knew our human physiological structure like the red and white blood cells. When asked how they knew about this, they showed drawings on the walls of the cave depicting saucers in the sky. These saucers made a hole in the ground, filled it with water, jumped into the water and came up to the edge of the water. These beings had features that looked very like dolphins. The rotational pattern shown in the Dogon cave depicted very precisely how Sirius B moves around Sirius A in a specific time frame between 1912 and 1990, in which time-travel experiment started to take place in 1912.








Drunvalo, the author of Ancient Secret of Flower of Life, who made a trip to Peru in 1985, found the same Dogon image there. He then spoke to some Uros Indians in Lake Titicaca who confirmed a similar story about the Dolphin-like beings, who rose from the water and began an intimate relationship with the pre-Inca peoples. Apart from that, there are twelve different cultures in the Mediterranean that tell a similar story. we do have a very close connection to Sirius. Our solar system and the Sirius system are very intimately connected through gravitation. As Robert Temple (1998) said, Sirius, the Dog Star, is the prime candidate for our Sun’s twin star system. Furthermore, according to an Australian scientist, the spiralling motion of the two Sirian stars are identical to the geometries of our DNA molecule.

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