Icosahedron - Connect - Water

1.   Healing Familial Relationships and Clearing Ancestral Karma

·       It resolves any familial conflicts, releasing any dysfunctional familial dynamics, relationship patterns and roles between the individual and each family member and between the individual and the whole family collective.

·       It improves familial relationships by establishing a healthier relationship pattern and communication.

·       It clears ancestral karma or trauma inherited in the family, in the ancestors that we have received.

·       It dissolves any recurring patterns, such as relationship patterns, inequality between men and women, that have been inherited in our ancestors.

·       It helps shift the dynamics and create a new pattern from your generation onwards, and heal any fears, traumas in your ancestors.

·       It heals the trauma caused by unhealthy parenting patterns, eliminate effects on relationship patterns and the need to find substitute father or mother figure in future relationship bonding.

·       It provides the nourishing and nurturing feeling of being ‘re-mothered’ and ‘re-fathered’ – the feeling of being loved and valued, healing the pains of the heart, healing the wounded inner child.

·       It dissolves any disappointment and clearing any misunderstanding stemming from miscommunication and misguided expectations from one another, enabling honest, caring and loving communication between each other.


2.   Release Resentment and Enabling Forgiveness

·       It allows you to have compassion towards the person and allows chances for forgiveness.

·       It allows you to gain the insights needed in order to move forward.

·       It helps release resentment, anger, fear or any unwanted emotions.

·       It helps clear any karma with the person/ people involved.


3.   Emotional Stability and Intelligence - Release Suppressed Emotions and self-punishment

·       It helps bring up suppressed emotions that we might not even be aware of so that we can heal them when they arise.

·       It helps release any self-punishing emotions such as guilt, fear, shame, disappointment, self-criticism, rejection, resentment, jealousy, judgment, inferiority/ superiority complex, frustration, victimization that have stopped us from being joyful and at peace.

·       It helps us acknowledge these repressed emotions and allows us to release them in a safe, appropriate way.

·       It brings about emotional stability, real stability in our emotions, creating peace on all levels in our being.

·       It transforms the fight-or-flight state into parasympathetic state.


4.   Divine Love & Relationships

·       It gives us discernment in relationships, knowing what we truly yearn for and what is best for us in a relationship.

·       It helps detoxing our love life, clearing any emotional traumas or wounds in previous relationships so that we can start afresh and be open to new possibilities.

·       It collects the soul fragments we have lost in previous love relationships so that we become ‘complete’ and present.

·       It helps us attract the right person in our life, by building and establishing positive qualities in ourselves first.

·       It gives us the qualities we need in order to be in a loving committed relationship.

·       It allows us to trust and let go of any destructive relationship patterns we had in this life and in past lives. It releases any outdated karmic connections we had from both parties.

·       It reprograms our DNA such as clearing limiting beliefs or ancestral trauma around relationships.

·       It grants us the commitment and loyalty with love, trust, respect, understanding, forgiveness, honesty, joy, creativity, purity and sensitivity, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically, in all dimensions and reality.

·       It releases fears in expressing our feelings, enabling us to be assertive and expressive in our communication.

·       It allows one’s soul to inspire one another, to awaken consciousness

·       It draws us closer to divine connection – to divine proximity frequency.

·       It allows us to be connected in the heart and in the brain, creating thought-feeling connection and balance.

·       It sends healing to both the individual and the divine romantic partner, and healing as a ‘family triad’ and ‘cross triad’.

·       It releases any harmful emotional patterns, thoughts, beliefs, behavioural tendencies that are not constructive to developing a healthy loving romantic relationship, such as infidelity, mind games, distrust, selfishness, etc.


5.   Communication with Animals and all Life forms

·       It enhances the bonding and communication between humans and animals and all life forms, including nature, plants and other visually imperceptible life forms.

·       It allows us to be able to read animal’s emotions, thoughts so that we can accommodate their needs and know how to interact and communicate with them with love, care and sensitivity.

·       It enables us to see it from their perspective in a more humane way.

·       It allows us to connect deeper with mother nature and increases the affinity towards nature and the Earth. Thus, we can perceive ourselves as one with the planet.




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