I.            Personal Development

Heart - Pineal Alignment

·       unifies the Pineal gland, the heart and the primordial cells and put them in alignment, as a mirror of the Galactic heart, the Human heart and the Earth heart.

·       creates parallel consonance, that is to be able to know what the other person thinks and feel, to enhance communication between one another.

·       brings ourselves to our optimal functioning, on all levels, so that we can vibrate on a subtler level, and attract positive circumstances and make quantum leap according to the law of attraction.

Source Realignment

-      Release soul contracts made with dense beings in the astral realm

-      Remove astral debris

-      Raise our atomic consciousness, thus assist us to connect back with source, cosmic consciousness

-      Collect lost soul fragments in the astral realm

-      Reset the cells, atoms, molecules, biophotons to the frequency of source vibration

Crystalline Lucidity

-      Release and prevent mental projections and negative thought forms from others and from ourselves ⁃ Ability to discern our thoughts from others so that we won’t be manipulated

-      Release and prevent mental programming inserted by others

-      Remove and prevent implanted holographic memories in all dimensions, timelines & realities

-      Release dense cellular memories inherited from ancestors, past generations and from past lives

-      Release dense cellular memories from this lifetime in all dimensions so that we can be more ‘present’ and less repetitive in our destructive thought patterns, behaviours and emotions

-      Enable us to perceive the objective reality in multidimensions

-      Release emotional programming

Frequency Retuning

·        Retune our cells & DNA, to higher/ subtler frequencies, atomically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. 

·        Perceive higher dimensional beings and receive their guidance easier/ better

·        Disconnect from/be less susceptible of denser frequencies

·        Speed up the activation of DNA strands

·        Can be targeted on a specific area on the body.

·        Retune our cells & DNA to a specific frequency:













Collective level: Retune the frequency of the collective or between two people.

Cosmic Perception

·       Perceive beyond the physical, perceive the multidimensional

·       Perceive with the superior intelligence, cosmic intelligence, beyond the ‘human’ mind

·       Unify with divine cosmic intelligence and collective consciousness.

·       Perceive the holographic universe and memory of the physical (3D)

·       Release the inferior mind, robotic programming, release auto-pilot mode, replace with active creative mind

·       Bring in focus, not allowing others’ energy influence you

·       Discernment of benevolent/ malevolent forces, perception of energy, perceive beyond lies and deception

·       Clarity to see the best solutions

·       Develop telepathic communication with humans and extra-terrestrial beings.

Magnetising Crystal

·       Increase manifesting abilities

·       Attract more ‘positive’ people and circumstances

·       Release/ push away toxic people/ circumstances

·       Reforming physical emotional, mental, energetic structure, lifestyles, preferences such as dietary preferences to attract more positive circumstances

·       Aligns the ‘heart’, ‘brain’, ‘solar plexus’ so that the yearning is in sync to allow flow of manifestation.

·       Can be used in group manifestations

Stream of Abundance

·       Inspired by the waterfall, especially a stone with spiral picked up in Wales, guided by Merlin.

·       Assists us to cleanse and purify our DNA to remove stuck energy that blocks our flow of life.

·       Activates our DNA with light of abundance.

·       Creates abundance in life, especially financial abundance.

·       Especially assists us to adapt to ‘new’ life whilst we pursue our soul missions/ purposes and integrate into the new structure of light body.

Unconditional Love & Compassion

-      Enables unconditional love to self and others

-      To release from guilt, anguish, fear-based emotions

-      To enable us to see others’ true self

-      To enable us to love full-heartedly without attachment 

Shifting Perceptions – to Gratitude

-      Shifting dense vibrational thoughts (be it ours or others’), to that of gratitude and joy

-      Brings it to our consciousness to maintain subtle vibrations in our psyche, thoughts and belief system

-      Allows openness to new ideas and beliefs, releases mental rigidity

Love-based Emotions

-      Releases fear-based emotions, such as insufficiency, poverty consciousness, self-pity, guilt, shame, self-sabotaging behaviour, rigidity, fear of losing, narrow-mindedness, arrogance, competitiveness

-      Replaced with love-based emotions, such as strength, love, honour, light, openness, gratitude, joy, abundance, faith, positivity, trust

-      Aligns with attracting the people & circumstances that align with love and abundance

-      Releases these projections of fear-based emotions from others

Consciousness Leap

-      Liberates us from attachment to ‘tasks’, people, environment from the previous dimension/ level of consciousness we were in

-      Brings us to focus on what we are here and now

-      Liberates us from attachment to the ‘past’

-      Smooth transition as our DNA/ level of consciousness evolves and our reality shifts as we shift

-      Mature from child to adult on consciousness level, not clinging to the ‘toy’ or ‘homework’ we used to have

-      Adaptation to new life, people, environment, responsibilities and freedom as we make this quantic leap

aligning with divine order

  • Allows one to surrender to the Divine Order, trusting and letting go

  • Let go of guilt, fear, self-doubt and self-loathing tendencies

Recognition of Potential

  • Allows one to see one’s true potential

  • Motivates one to take action for one’s soul mission(s)

  • Enabling us to make the change we need to move forward

Shifting Intentions

  • Enables us to raise our intention for the highest good

  • To see from a broader perspective, to hold the highest intention for the soul evolution individually, collectively and galactically.

Full Capacity

  • Activates the full potential of our soul consciousness, to embody full strength on all levels

Super Perceptions

  • Activates dormant super sensorial perceptions – to see, hear, touch, smell, sense, perceive or know

  • Eliminating Destructive Programmed Responses

  • Eliminates destructive behaviour, thought and emotional patterns that we have been programmed to act, think and feel in response to triggers and stressful situations and stimuli

  • Increases awareness of such destructive behaviour and way of thinking

  • Allows us to change and reprogramme our way of behaving, thinking and feeling, to allow changes in our psyche and state of being

  • Prevent projections from others that can trigger our destructive programmed responses

  • Dissolving Collective Mental and Emotional Projections

  • Releases collective mental and emotional projections or a collective ‘thought’/ belief and emotions that was/ has been imposed on humanity on a collective level

  • Dissolves mental and emotional projections/ immersion that we thought were ‘ours’, whether it is consciously or subconsciously, in all realms especially astrally

  • Clear these beliefs, emotions out from our psyche, on all levels, including cellular DNA memory level, in all dimensions and realities

  • Dissolves unconscious mental and emotional collective programming on individuals, family and bloodline, gender groups or race or religious groups, various sexual orientations, stellar groups or any spiritual enslavement or anything that does not serve the highest good or not in alignment of a group/ collective.

  • Allows us to ‘open our eyes’ to see beyond the mask and to perceive things, people and situation as they truly are.

  • Allows us to identify that particular thought/ emotion to clear it radically

  • Can also work on people who are fearful of changes, stuck to routines and repetitive lifestyle, those who shut down on a soul level, those who feel insufficient, angry, fearful within themselves an create disbeliefs and despondent emotions and thus project them on others who are living their soul purposes/ shining their light

  • It releases automatic, instinctive, fearful, angry, anxious, panic or other dense vibrational responses generated from the collective and one gets infected by it.

  • This healing stops the cycle of generating low vibrational energy (called ‘loosh’) as a result of clearing these destructive and false belies and emotions that do not resonate from the soul consciousness.

  • Healing the Inner Child

  • Preserve and retrieve the loss innocence a child should have

  • Allows authentic expression of the soul consciousness

  • Heals trauma, contamination of the innocent souls

  • Prevents and releases adverse effects of abuse faced as a child, physically, emotionally, sexually or psychically and sends the ‘child’ healing by giving him/her nourishment, care and love, on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cellular memory level.

  • Truth

  • Gives one the courage to embody one’s truth, speak the truth, live the truth and be the truth

  • Allows whatever that is not aligned with one’s truth to leave one’s life, in all ways

  • Allows one to attract what is in alignment with one’s truth, to empower them to live their truth, corresponding to one’s true essence

  • Allows one to embrace one’s true soul power by becoming the truth

  • Releases any fears to give up the truth for one’s security or attachments

New Beginnings

  • Allows one to bring closure to things/ people/ situation that don’t serve us

  • Releases heartaches, emotional grief and any emotions and beliefs after changes in life

  • Allows one to move on to open new chapter(s) in life

  • Brings in positivity, optimism, joy in embracing new things, people and circumstances in life

Generating new timelines

  • Allows one to create new timelines after changes happen in DNA, atomic level

  • Creates new circumstances, attract people, things that resonate with the new subtle frequencies that one energetically holds

Inner Sun Activation

Connects to and activates the inner sun within us, located on the solar plexus and thus creating possibility of expanding into Eye of Ra

Prevent Infections from Egos

  • Allows one the axis and not be swayed by each other’s egos and vices

  • Be centred and focused on one’s soul purposes and missions

  • Now allowing others’ egos to affect one’s state of well being, to remain calm, balanced and vice versa (especially collectively)

  • Not allowing our egos to get worse through affecting each other’s egos, creating a vicious circuit

Release Core Wound & Trauma

  • Releases the protective layer that protects the body after one receives shock or trauma, thus allowing the wound/ trauma to surface to be healed

  • Heals the core wound and trauma triggered from the past which was not properly addressed or healed

  • Works on clearing/ releasing neuro-peptic emotional memories stored in the body-mind

  • Reactivate dormant frequency in that particular body part associated with the core wound/ trauma

  • Works particularly on liver, spleen, kidney, urine, bladder and sacral area, when it is associated with fear, anger, addiction, suppression of emotions, fear of losing control.


  • Raising Vibrations & Preference Frequencies

  • Ascends to possible ‘future’ vibrations, ‘up’ the level of your possible ‘self’

  • Allows us the possibility to move up an octave, allows us to raise our preference frequency

  • Raising vibrations to change what we like and attract to, according to the law of attractions, attract higher/ more subtle frequencies 

  • Eliminating Self-Sabotage Behaviour

  • Eliminates the self-sabotaging behaviour that leads to failure, despair, due to lack of faith, confidence, will power, positivity, an instinctive behavioural response to setbacks and certain triggers.

  • Terminates such self-sabotage behaviour and change our automatic response to generate more positive, productive thoughts, emotions and actions

  • Cutting off Mental Chatter

  • Cut of mental chatter that distracts us from listening to the heart, our inner voice

  • Brings more peace and tranquillity to normal daily life

  • Brings more centredness, balance

  • Shuts down the mind that can be deceiving and misleading, thus allows us to perceive the truth and enhances our intuition, focus and lucidity

  • Enhances our decision making and avoids confusion

  • Enhances mental capacity

  • Bringing Subconscious to Conscious

  • Allowing the subconscious to subside to come to awareness

  • Matches the timeline between the signs and when awakening happens

  • Generates more realisation and Déjà vu

  • Synchronises timelines to the present moment

  • When things come to awareness/ consciousness, it creates more possibility for insights and changes, that leads to further awakening

  • Dissolving Misalignments & Creating Alignments

  • Dissolves limiting beliefs, emotions and thought patterns & reactionary patterns that prohibit us from aligning with the universe

  • Allows us to identify and resolve what we create to block us from aligning with Source – be it emotional, mental, energetic

  • Brings us back to alignment with Source

  • Creates more synchronicities and alignment with Source Consciousness

  • Leaving Behind Illusions

  • Lives with and by the heart, and leaves behind all illusions and manmade constructs created in this dimension.

  • Detaches ourselves from illusions, physical forms & material things


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