🌿customised to each person, energetically cleansed and charged.
🌿varies in shape, length, and type of tree depending on each individual. 
🌿You’ll receive an activated/ programmed wand and I’ll work with you to connect with it once you’ve received it
🌿Can be personalised with crystal attached to the wand.


💫Energetic Clearing & Balance

💫Relationship healing

💫Psychic protection

💫Stellar activation

💫Activation of Stellar Soul walk-ins

💫Portal healing

💫Timeline healing

💫Space clearing

💫Portal Activation & connection

How to select your own wand?

- Choose by your purpose - what do you want to do with the wand?
- Choose by intuition - feel which one draws to you most / catch your eye first
- Choose by elements / whether you want a masculine or feminine element
P.S. I’m happy to video call or show you video of the specific type(s) if you’re interested

Types of Wands available:
* PINE – prosperity, purification, protection against negativity, pineal activation, clarity, fertility (Masculine, Mars, fire)

* HAWTHORN – chastity, protection, heart healing, fertility, fairy communication (Masculine, Mars & Venus, fire)

* POPLAR – adapting to changing circumstances, astral projection, portal,Astral travelling, money, expansion (feminine, water)

* MONKEY PUZZLE – pineal activation, portal travelling (masculine, Mars, fire)

* ELM – communication, love, transitions, protection, connecting with nature spirits (feminine, water)

*LINDEN - love, Protection (masculine, Jupiter)

* ASH – protection, knowledge, love, wisdom, prosperity (masculine, Sun, fire)

* WILLOW – feminine, protection, psychic ability, empowerment (feminine, water)

* MAPLE – love, healing, communication, learning, creativity, beauty, abundance, divination, heart healing, positivity  (masculine & feminine, Jupiter, air)

* OAK – leadership, focus, wisdom, truth, personal sovereignty, protection, health, money, healing, fertility, fortune, manifestation, strength (masculine, sun, fire)

* BIRCH – rebirth, fertility, adaptability, inspiration, fearlessness, protection, purification, exorcism (Feminine, Venus, water)

* LINDEN BLOSSOM or SILVER LIME – Protection, feminine, love, heart healing (masculine, Jupiter, air)

* HORNBEAM – confidence, boundaries, enthusiasm, protection (feminine, Venus, water)

* Beech – release blockages to our internal creativity, realising our potential.  Deeply held trauma and shock is released and this then reduces fears about the future and bring confidence and restores trust in oneself.  Beech encourages the ability of self-expression and helps those that lack confidence in speaking and those who find it hard to show their abilities.  Beech's confidence giving qualities in turn have a relaxing effect, allowing a more open and easy-going nature. It is associated with ancestor connection, wishes, knowledge, magic, peace, romance, spiritual awakening.(feminine,  earth & air)

* DEWBERRY– purification, protection (feminine, Venus, water)

* BLACKTHORN – purification, protection (Masculine, mars, fire)

* IVY – protection, healing (feminine, water) 

* HOLLY - protection, dream magic, fairies, positivity (masculine, Mars, fire)

* YEW - magic, dreams, psychic, shamanic, astral and dimensions travelling (feminine)

* SEQUOIA - portal connection & healing, past life, psychic ability, lemurian connection, Abundance, Earth Wisdom, Protection (masculine, Jupiter, fire)

* SABINA - portal connection, Atlantis connection, twin flame (masculine, sun, fire)

*DAWN REDWOOD - abundance, transition, renewal, strength, shadow work (masculine, Jupiter)

*LARCH - protection, confidence, open up hidden talents, realm of heaven, induce vision (Masculine) 

* Carob - Protection, health, healing dreams

*CEDAR- wisdom, protection, longevity, cleansing, creating sacred space, healing, purification, money, breaking spells, clarity, strengthening energy field (masculine, sun, fire)

*Olive - beauty, healing, fertility, protection, wealth (masculine, sun, fire)

*ROWAN - Protection, travel, love goddess, psychic power, success, banishing, inspiration, persistence and Faery blessings (masculine, sun, fire)

*Alder/ Buckthorn -  journeys, self confidence, astral shield, fairy connection, courage & passion in work, controlling elements, associated with flow, relieve stored physical and emotional tensions, esp in heart, solar plexus, release stress tension & anxiety. Improves one’s energy flow and gives us sense of clarity. (masculine, Venus, fire & water)

* Elder -  overcome damaging self-beliefs, improves self-esteem and self-worth, releases & heals  emotional reaction, internal and external aggressions, fears and anxieties, transforms aggressions and bitterness, increasing tolerance and forgiveness:  calming and stabilizing. Healing, protection, banishing spells. (feminine, Venus, water)

Earth: maple, beech, cedar, cherry, locust (black), yew
Water: willow, cherry, elder, rose, yew, ivy, birch, elm, linden, hornbeam, dawn redwood, blackberry
Air: cedar, poplar, rowan, buckthorn, linden, larch, hornbeam, beech, ivy
Fire: sequoia, hawthorn, blackthorn, ash, maple, holly, Carob, larch
Ether: pine, sequoia, Sabina, rowan, buckthorn, yew , dawn redwood
All elements: ancient pine, oak, olive, eucalyptus

Cost: £100 wand only,

+£50 with sounds
+ £10 for crystal
£140 Medium Size (70-90cm)

£170 large size (over 90cm) 


Instalments available
Collection or post from UK 

Contact me HERE or via email  


programming wands

I do activate and programme wands for you once you've chosen the wand(s). With the healing sounds, you connect with your wand and see what messages the wand has for you. You can then set your intentions for the wand and how you want to work with it. During the process, you can connect with the Earth spirits, druid spirit and the specific tree spirit of the chosen wand. Finally, we can then activate and seal the wand. 

How to connect with the wand?
 ⁃ hold it in your hand connect with it, see what messages come through for you
 ⁃ Allow the wand to guide you - how to work on and where to work on
 ⁃ Might feel sensation on the body, sense colours/ images/ messages
 ⁃ Eg can be working on pineal gland - visualise specific colour(s) and direct energy towards the area(s) with images, visual, intention
 ⁃ Eg work on space clearing and purification. Visualise particular elements, shapes in that space
 ⁃ Eg cutting cords, release projections
 ⁃ Eg activate gifts, crystalline structures, human and space portals, visualise spiralling energy or anything that resonates with you
 ⁃ Eg activate light portals in space - visualise light sphere opening up, connect from core of earth to surface to Galactic Sun, imagine light circulating
 ⁃ Train your senses, perception
 ⁃ Activate 12D toroidal current running through from your hands to fingers to wands


Working with 2 wands
 • Choose a masculine & feminine wand
 • Use Male on right and female on left hand
 • Set intentions to balance the masculine & feminine energies in your field and within you
 • See what comes up - like emotionally physically psychically mentally - any area that needs activating & balancing
 • Readjust the aspect eg balance the over domination of masculine (eg power addiction) or feminine (overly emotionally or insecure)
 • Listen to what the wands tell you - readjust elements eg water, fire, earth, air
 • Use two wands to work on relationships - connect with your partner and also sends healing to your partner
 • Balance inner masculine & feminine
 • Connect with balancing sexual energies - inner alchemy
 • Heal wounds with father figure and mother figure
 • Connect with your inner mother and father energy
 • Activate Merkabah / light body

Working on portals
Specifically recommended wands: sequoia, Sabina, poplar, yew, pine, eucalyptus
 • Can activate light portals
 • Activate light codes, assimilate them
 • Activate latent soul gifts, DNA codes & crystalline structures
 • Transmit light codes to others including humans and stellar beings and spaces
 • Work on parallel soul, multidimensional soul connection and healing
 • Exchange crystalline codes with parallel souls, multidimensional souls and twin flames and other stellar beings

how to use wands with auric mists

you can use the auric mists as auric sprays or dab some on energy points as intuitively guided, together with the wand and healing sounds (tachyon soulprint) listed below. 

Healing Sounds with Wands 

There is a list of sounds that can come with the wand so you can use them. 

Alternatively, you can use the wand as an integration into your existing healing modality and practice. 

1. Preparation & Connection with wand
 Wand bonding
 Connect person & wand with celestial mother energy
 Activating wand
 Sealing wand
 Connect with Elve spirits
 Connecting with druids
 Connect with tree spirit elementals of the wand

 Wand Enchantment
 Ask for permission from Earth spirits to work with you
 Connect with inter-dimensionality of tree spirit
 Programming twin flame wands
 Twin flame wands activated together
 Male twin flame wand activated
 Female twin flame wand activated
 Collective healing energy of wands

2. Human Healing

timeline WORK

Twin Flame Healing

3. space & POrtal healing 


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Healing Wands

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