Practitioner Course 

Training to become Toroidal Stargate Activation Practitioners

  • Activate energetic circuits

  • Heart-brain field unification

  • Central channel purified and activated

  • Stellar map activation

  • Travelling ‘vessel’ activated

  • Person as a stargate

  • Activation – perceive consciousness via quantum dimensions

  • Activation – elevate holographic frequency of consciousness

  • Elevate holographic frequency of consciousness healing – toroidal field, liquid, atoms, cells, DNA strand

What you can do 

  • remote viewing and sending healing through directing toroidal energy & focused intent 

  • enhanced psychic and supersensorial perception  

  • connect with crystalline light codes and transmit light codes between portals and humans 

  • ability to ascend timelines 

  • ability to ascend soul contracts (including voiding undivine, unserving and subconscious contracts) 

  • attract better circumstances for your highest good 

  • starseed awakening 

  • connection with twin souls

  • conduct interdimensional and multidimensional healing for others, including spaces 

The cost of becoming a practitioner is £400, instalments are available and prices are negotiable under special circumstances. 

For more questions or to book for an appointment, please contact me HERE

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