Become a Practitioner 

Training to become Toroidal Stargate Activation Practitioners

  • Activate toroidal energetic circuits within body

  • Activate 5-element purification and activation

  • Water etheric ‘spheres’ – clearing, rejuvenating DNA & on quantum level, retrieve lost DNA

  • Sword – cutting cords, drawing arc, circulating energy flow at Earth portals, human portals

  • Chalice – pouring water purifying galactic, planetary and human portals, purify sexual energy, retrieve lost soul fragments, resume divine soul blueprint, redirect energetic circuit

  • Egg – manifestation, timeline manifestation, creating and anchoring new soul contracts, birthing new stellar soul walk-ins

  • Golden fire – solidify soul essence, disintegrate undivine contracts, etheric fire in the heart

  • Activate 432Hz Source frequency within human Heart portal

  • Connect Human, Earth & Quantum New Earth Frequency and 3 sol-stars

  • Heart-brain field unification

  • Harmonise bipolar frequencies - Activate 2 palms – stars on each palm, drawing figure of 8, pouring light codes between both hands.

  • Same for 2 hemispheres of the brain, heart chambers, temples, ears, eyes, nostrils, armpits, wings, knees  

  • Central channel purified and activated

  • Seated on rainbow lotus

  • Stellar Map Activation – Connect human temples & Capstone with the 3 sun-like stars near Pleiades and joint as Merkabah, heart with Galactic Sun, Solar Plexus with Galactic Womb (find the zero-point in these 3 points)

  • Travelling ‘vessel’ activated

  • Wings activated

  • Rainbow body activated

  • Clearing inorganic collective projections & timelines

  • Clear luz bone & upper diamond and 8 primordial seed atoms

  • Activate Diamond Heart

  • Portal ‘animal’ and ‘tool’

  • Activate stargates & stargate circuits by circulating crystalline light codes and toroidal energy

  • Stargate Activation – etheric gold sauna, DNA light codes from stellar origins and omega stargate

What you can do 

  • remote viewing and sending healing through directing toroidal energy & focused intent 

  • enhanced psychic and supersensorial perception  

  • connect with crystalline light codes and transmit light codes between portals and humans 

  • ability to ascend timelines 

  • ability to ascend soul contracts (including voiding undivine, unserving and subconscious contracts) 

  • attract better circumstances for your highest good 

  • starseed awakening 

  • conduct interdimensional and multidimensional healing for others, including spaces 

Manual for Practitioners

1.    Declaration: ‘I do not consent to any infiltration, energy tapping, draining, implants, programming during delta and theta state. Allow my luz bone and gallbladder meridian to be purified and be open to light – connecting with my stellar light soul teams.’

2.    Opening process: figure of 8 from luz bone to heart to base of spine

3.    Stellar map Activation

4.    Connection with and activation of 5 elements

5.    Connection with portal ‘’animal’ and portal ‘tool’

6.    Clearing

7.    Open Portals on Earth & Connect with Galaxy  

8.    Travelling from Quantum Human DNA portals to Stellar Portal

9.    Clearing: clearing undivine timelines, soul contracts, clearing karmic debts

10.  Activation: ascending timelines, ascending soul contracts, activating new stellar soul walk-ins, crystalline light codes circulation & transmission

11.  Closing with geometric travelling machine

Practitioner course consists of 3 key sessions:

1.    Activation for practitioners

2.    First Practice Session for practitioners – where they will be guided

3.    Practice session for practitioners – where practitioners will lead a session

The cost of becoming a practitioner is £400, instalments are available and prices are negotiable under special circumstances. 

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