DNA & Energetic Transmissions

Threefold Flame Transmission

Individual level:

  • It works on waters of the body, psychically and sexually

  • Changes the water structure of the body, transmutes from bi-wave/ polarity into tr-wave frequency

  • Works to purify the waters and crystalline structure within the body, in particular the womb, the heart and pineal gland, behind eyes and ears

  • Connects to the cosmic mother consciousness

  • Connects with the 5th Harmonic Universe Energy – Threefold flame energy – Mother Arc Energy, Father Arc Energy & Christos Sophia Energy, Lady Nada Cosmic Ray.

  • Works on element of ether and water

  • Balancing platonic solids in all realms within us

  • Disconnects ourselves from contracts especially in the lower astral realms with low vibrational beings who siphon our energies and tap into our energy and mind reading for their personal agenda that do not serve our soul consciousness

  • Unites us human soulful beings as one unity, consciousness

  • Activates solar atoms and photonic light within us

  • Allows us to remember who we originally are and our stellar origin(s) and our soul mission(s)


Partnership level:

  • Strengthens partnership, circulates energies (psychic and sexual)

  • Retrieves loss of energies from previous relationships on both sides

  • Helps connect with twin flame that brings about universal healing.


  • Protects against energy drain and being used as energy siphoning

  • Continue the line of transmission

Family level:

Possibility to receive ‘Light Portal Embodiment’ 3 weeks after transmission

  • Act as ‘light portal’ that connects to earth portals and stellar portals

  • Activates permanent seed atom that connects with silver cord on back of head

  • Aligns with light, wisdom, truth, humility and service to humanity

  • Sends healing to earth portals

  • Detailed information will be given

Collective level:

  • Connects with Earth Consciousness, Source Consciousness, creates interdimensional healing

  • Heals ancestral lines and clears programming related to AI tech, mind control programming, genetic engineering

  • Creates closer conscious bond between our human body and Earth and celestial bodies

  • Aligns us with the infinity – source consciousness

Earth/Planetary Level:

  • Through this, it cleanses the atmosphere of Mother Earth, heals the meridians, water and ‘blood’ of the Earth

  • Works on grid lines & clears reversal networks

  • Collective Threefold flame transmission is possible on various locations on Earth, especially on energetic spots.

Twin Flame Union

  • Enhances heart-to-heart communication

  • Dissolves any fears, attachment, resentment, judgement, misunderstanding, co-dependency and dysfunctional imbalanced relationship patterns.

  • Connects torus of the heart between the two people.

  • Draws the two closer to divine connection – the divine proximity frequencies.

  • More synchronicity, sensation like ‘cosmic tantra’ could be possible’.

  • Gives one the trust and confidence in opening up in relationships, on all levels

  • Allows both to grow and learn from each other on a soul level

  • Allows both to fulfil the soul mission(s) together

  • Releases distractions (inner and outer) in bonding together, on all levels, emotionally, spiritually and energetically

  • Prevents false timelines or false beliefs/ emotions from intervening, in all dimensions and realities

  • Gives both the awareness and recognition the other is the ‘one’

  • Allows one to connect inter-dimensionally, to communicate and feel each other on an interdimensional level

  • Assist to heal each other, to make each other complete as two becomes one

  • Strengthens the bonding between the two

  • Allows both to receive guidance and healing from the divinity

  • Connects the stellar origin(s) of both parties so they can all assist their union


  1. Connect to both soul blueprints

  2. Connect to both stellar songs

  3. Play twin flame union song

  4. Connect to each other’s soul and stellar beings to receive guidance

  5. Connect to the other person’s heart and link yours to his/hers

  6. Aligning with Divine Order

  • Allows one to surrender to the Divine Order, trusting and letting go

  • Let go of guilt, fear, self-doubt and self-loathing tendencies

  • Divine Alchemy

  • balance the internal masculine and feminine energies, thus enabling the activation of zero-point Toroidal energy in our atoms, cells, biophotons, energetic field and DNA level.

  • Dismantling Ego Structures

  • Dismantles ego structures: repetitive robotic structure, anger, fear construct, self-loathing/ narcissism structure, judgment, greed, envy/competitiveness, addictive personality, compulsive/controlling personality, the pleaser personality, the indecisive personality, the avoider personality

  • Essence Reclaim

  • Connect us to the soul essence, the purity and innocence, and unite with the divine cosmic consciousness

  • Cleanse and purify our psyche, reinstall the original soul memories

  • A soul without egos, that knows no anger, fear, competition, conflict, separation.

  • Male-Female Power Balance

  • Balances the male-female power dynamics – releases dominant controlling egoic behaviour, patterns, on an emotional, psychic, mental, sexual level, over the opposite gender.

  • Releases the thought programming that one feels ‘incomplete’ or ‘obsessed’ with the opposite gender.

  • Creates a ‘detachment bubble’ so that one owns up to his/her responsibility and takes action in the situation, whilst he/she won’t feel the energetic pressure from the other.

  • Creates energetic balance in the male-female interaction.

  • Soul Contracts & Lessons Comprehension

  • Assists us to perceive the specific soul lessons and contracts with individuals

  • Releases human attachment

  • Helps us see the underlying dynamics clearer

  • Enables us to learn quicker what we need to learn to ‘move on’ and evolve on a spiritual/soul level

  • Speeds up the process of soul growth to meet the ‘right’/ divine person quicker

  • Work on both individuals, depending on their free will

  • Aligning with Divine Order

  • Surrender to the Divine Order, trusting and letting go

  • Let go of guilt, fear, self-doubt and self-loathing tendencies

  • Aligned with what is Divine, cellular, emotional, thoughts, and energetically

  • Dreamwalking

  • Healing events between the two, resolve unresolved issues, emotions between the two

  • Premonition ability

  • Allows one to ‘see’ the ‘future’ with the twin flame

  • To experience and feel what it is like to be with their twin flames

  • Krystallah Merkabah Fields

  • Unifies the Universal Male Spin 12:12 and Universal Female Spin 13:13, signifying a spiritual marriage

  • This healing assists in creating Krystallah Eternal Lightbody

  • This healing activates the Krystalline Current, transmuting bi-wave/ polarity grid to Tri-wave.

  • It assists us to connect with the 7 sacred suns– to transmit Cosmic Spiritual Sun plasma waves (Aurora Sun) that helps adjust core of lightbody in ‘no-time’, reset lightbody grounding to nonpolarized base, assists us to enter timeline from centre of 360 degrees

  • It assists us to connect to Trinity Consciousness 

  • Matching Timelines for Soul Marriage

  • It heals the timelines for both souls who have soul marriage together – removing false timelines and correct timelines for both

  • Aligns the two timelines and creates the potential to create new timelines together

  • Connecting Wormholes between two

  • Allows awareness of the wormhole between two individuals who are connected/ in love

  • Allows the two to connect to each other through the wormhole

  • Allows one to consciously receive information from each other and communicate with each other telepathically

  • Merges the two people’s energies together, including soul power

  • Devotion in Love

  • Strengthening Soul Marriages

  • Eliminates distractions from all sides, energetically, mentally, emotionally, releases any fears, limiting beliefs, ego traps from both or either side of the souls

  • Releases any attacks and interferences, obstructions from within and outer influences to prevent or delay the soul marriages

  • Raises awareness and brings to consciousness the importance and urgency to bond

  • Strengthens the soul bonds, allowing both parties to feel and breath in the essence of each other’s soul essence, to feel the intimacy and connection between each other, to feel and empower each other’s soul mission(s) individually and as a unity

  • Allows both parties to be on the same wavelength, to communicate and express love with each other from their soul’s perspective 

  • Works on activating kundalini forces of both parties and strengthening their kundalini connection

  • Generating New timelines

  • Allows one to create new timelines after changes happen in DNA, atomic level

  • Creates new circumstances, attract people, things that resonate with the new subtle frequencies that one energetically holds

  • Purifying & Retaining Sexual Energies

  • Purifies sexual energies after we have had exchange of sexual fluids with counterparts.

  • Makes us more ‘whole’/ complete, as we become more focused and conscious

  • This also applies particularly when there have been ‘undivine’ exchange of sexual energies

  • It collects lost sexual energies thus regains our soul power.

WOMB Consciousness Transmission

  • This works on connecting with the Sophia Principle/ template, the divine mother ray, the Aquamarine Ray

  • Works on connecting with the womb consciousness, divine feminine, creation and fertility

  • It works with sound, colours and is transmitted through touch (hands-on/off)

  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks to fully integrate its energy

Triple Goddess Transmission

  • Especially for those who have experienced wounded femininity or refused to accept their authentic femininity

  • Embraces the beauty, elegance, strength within as a female

  • Embrace, feel, live and experience the divine feminine wisdom

  • Get rid of what doesn’t serve you

  • Connect with your inner goddess and enhance communication with ‘her’

  • Diffuse the false femininity and the imposition of male domination over ‘female’ or anything that represents it

  • Ceases the competitiveness, vulnerability, over-sensitivity/ emotional within women (the excessiveness or ‘deficiency’ of femininity) – Balance the femininity within

Energetic Genetic Template Transmission

  • Works for individuals who want to drastically shift their genes

  • This works to repair genes or add in ‘missing’ genes

  • Will activate star crystal seed(s) or repair certain genes through touch, sound and geometric shapes

  • Then proceed with creating a genetic ‘template’ to transfer to the receiver’s existing DNA

Solar DNA Transmission

This works for any individual, it assists to ‘insert’ Solar DNA energetically

Potentially it allows us to receive more photonic light and assimilate it quicker into DNA strands

You might experience

  • shifting of timelines or creating new timelines as ‘new’ DNA merges with your existing ones.

  • Stronger connection with universal sun and source connection

  • Enhance self healing properties, regeneration, enhanced energy level

It is a process of ‘seeding’ rather than activating the DNA strands. The process of activation will depend on the progress each individual makes


  1. Original eight cells cleanse and activation

  • these 8 cells located in the tailbone are the first 8 cells since we were born.

  • They are located in our etheric Auric blueprint in our lightbody that control the Kundalini energies.

  • It is where the Hara currents come from along the spinal column.

  • 2. Clearing Ego Structures and alien implants

  • Clearing any ego structures including anger, fear, instinctive addictive personality, controlling compulsive personality, etc

  • Clearing any archonic, Nephilim dark alien implants and entities

  • All these prevent the egos to take over and feed on the light

  • 3. Anchoring & Aligning Subharmonic Strings

  • Anchoring the subharmonic strings in each dimension so they resonate in unison to allow the individual to move up the ‘octave’/ dimension

  • 4, Chromosomal & Mitochondrial Corrections

  • This operates on Mother’s Aquamarine Ray to remove hydrocarbon alien bonds to lock onto human DNA template molecules

  • Corrects patterns of RNA-DNA templates

  • Gender correction coding

  • Reverses chromosomal scrambling and deletions

  • Releases chromosomal distortion, releases gender reversal and splitting

  • 5. Seeding Solar Crystal Seed

  • Allow 3 weeks minimum to proceed to step 6

  • 6. ‘Activating’ Solar Crystal Seed

  • Allow 3 weeks minimum to proceed to step 7

  • 7. Integration of Solar Crystal Seed

  • Allow 9 weeks or so to fully integrate

  • The merging of existing DNA with it

Starseed Crystal Seed Transmission

This has a similar procedure as Solar DNA Transmission, except that this works on particular stellar seed origin to fulfil your soul mission(s) better and more efficiently

You might experience

  • shifting of timelines or creating new timelines as ‘new’ DNA merges with your existing ones.

  • Having stronger connection and communication with ‘new’ stellar group

    Toroidal Energy Transmission

  • Experiences ‘no-time’, pausing of moment

  • Charge the body with toroidal ‘bliss’

  • Work on area that needs working on automatically

  • Clears stuck, dissonant energy

  • Allows body to flow in a circulating flow of energy

  • Alchemy, transmuting lost energies and dense energies trapped in the body and around the body

  • The colour/ ray can change depending on the person and area and situation

  • Work on balanced flow, prevent imbalanced energy exchange

  • Work on as small as an atom to the entire body and energetic field

  • Inter-dimensional Travelling and Healing

  • Works on activating dormant Luz bone – spiritual portal

  • Interdimensional cleansing of physical, emotional, astral, mental, spiritual bodies – prepares us to do interdimensional travelling

  • Makes our bodies more subtle

  • Enables us to ‘change’ the reality for the highest good of soul evolution

  • Retrieves memory and enables us to ‘see’ during travelling

  • Heals the different realities by doing healing and making amendments

  • Retrieves useful information for soul ascension and understanding soul purposes

  • Deactivates programming and technology that inhibit travelling

  • Activates ability to travel inter-dimensionally ourselves, through platonic solids and sounds

  • Can be complemented with Toroidal Touch

  • Includes healings: Creating Interdimensional portals, Mending & Ascending Timelines, Protection against Subliminal Suggestions & Soul Reading, Generating New Timelines, Anchoring Energy Matrix, Consciousness Leap, Dreamwalking, Stellar Connection, Portal Connection, Shielding Energy in Inter-dimensional Portal, Interdimensional Technology & Entity Clearing, Space-Time Travel

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