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1.    Gaining Past Life Wisdom


·         It allows you the consciousness and lucidity to tap into your talents, skills that you have acquired in previous lifetimes.

·         It helps in directing you to receive the wisdom you need to attain for this lifetime's lesson and soul purposes.[

·         It helps accessing the Akashic record, information about your past lives.

·         It removes obstacles for you to achieve your past life wisdom.

2.   Divine Feminine Wisdom and Love

·       It allows you to connect to your divine femininity, the true wisdom and love, creativity, intuition, receptivity, sensitivity, sensuality, warmth and love as a woman.

·       It nourishes your heart.

·       It allows you to connect with your female ancestors to gain wisdom from them.[G1] 

·       Releases women from restrictive role expectations

·       Releases fear of father complex – desire to please men or to be dominated by men

·       Releases psychological power to men and fear of men

·       Releases fear of femininity side – feeling, instincts, tenderness, nurturance

·       Releases insecurity within them especially in sexual identity.

·       Releases distorted view of committed relationship – parent-child complex

·       Releases the tendency to perceive sex as means to satisfy men

·       Enables women to reconnect with their mothers and tribal mothers, ancestors and identity as real women

·       Enables women to heal relationship with their mother

·       Enables us to safely show and express femininity with confidence.

·       Releases any jealousy, envy, competitive, insecurities, revengeful tendencies.


3.   Divine Masculine

·       It gives us the willpower, strength, courage and determination.

·       It gives us the discernment, mental clarity to know what actions are best for us and take the responsibility to change.

·       It enables us to stand in our own power, and not to be fearful and overconcerned with obstacles.

·       It allows us to be efficient, clear and focused.

·       It connects us with love, nobility and humility.

·       It releases men from restrictive role expectations and the perception that they can’t be afraid.

·       It allows us to seek and follow our soul’s calling

·       It allows us to be honest with ourselves to release deep-seated fear and other suppressed emotions such as anger and resentment, granting us the courage to face the emotional truth – our vulnerability and rejections.  Thus, allowing them to transform and heal their wounds for true self-empowerment and transformation, raise of consciousness/

·       It releases fear of mother complex – desire to please women or to dominate women

·       It releases psychological power to women, fear of women and corrects distorted relationship to feminine.  

·       It releases insecurity within them especially in sexual identity.

·       It releases distorted view of committed relationship – parent-child complex

·       It releases the tendency to perceive sex as means to heal wounds and the soul.

·       It enables men to reconnect with their fathers and tribal ancestors and real identity as men

·       It enables men to heal relationship with their father

·       It enables men the sense of security and confidence to share their feelings especially their fears and traumas with others.

·       It enables men to safely show and express their femininity with confidence.

4.   Abundance


·         Unblock interferences, blocks, limiting beliefs that prevent the person from receiving abundance, in all forms.

·         Insert qualities to allow the person to receive abundance, in all forms.

·         Releasing vows made in past lives that prohibit the person from receiving abundance in this lifetime.

·         Reprogramming DNA to enable the person to receive more abundance in life.

·         Release poverty consciousness in ancestors

·         Enable the person to feel grateful for what he/she has and have the humility to receive.

·         Allow the person to be detached from material possessions.

5.   Creativity


1.     Connect to your divine creativity

2.    Unblocks any limiting beliefs surrounding discovering and expressing your creativity

3.    Allow yourself to tap into your soul purposes through creativity

4.    Connect to your inner femininity

5.    Heal and connect to your inner child, the innocence, the simplicity, the freedom of the heart

6.    Connect to your heart, the emerald green light.

7.    Allow yourself to be in the moment, living in the moment, to attain the childlike playfulness.

It takes about three weeks to fully assimilate, depending on each individual.



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