🌿customised to each person, energetically cleansed and charged.
🌿varies in shape, length, and type of tree depending on each individual. 
🌿You’ll receive an activated/ programmed wand and I’ll work with you to connect with it once you’ve received it
🌿Can be personalised with crystal attached to the wand.

How to select your own wand?

- Choose by your purpose - what do you want to do with the wand?
- Choose by intuition - feel which one draws to you most / catch your eye first
- Choose by elements / whether you want a masculine or feminine element
P.S. I’m happy to video call or show you video of the specific type(s) if you’re interested

Types of Wands available:
* PINE – prosperity, purification, protection against negativity, pineal activation, clarity, fertility (Masculine, Mars, fire)

* HAWTHORN – chastity, protection, heart healing, fertility, fairy communication (Masculine, Mars & Venus, fire)

* POPLAR – adapting to changing circumstances, astral projection, portal,Astral travelling, money, expansion (feminine, water)

* MONKEY PUZZLE – pineal activation, portal travelling (masculine, Mars, fire)

* ELM – communication, love, transitions, protection, connecting with nature spirits (feminine, water)

*LINDEN - love, Protection (masculine, Jupiter)

* ASH – protection, knowledge, love, wisdom, prosperity (masculine, Sun, fire)

* WILLOW – feminine, protection, psychic ability, empowerment (feminine, water)

* MAPLE – love, healing, communication, learning, creativity, beauty, abundance, divination, heart healing, positivity  (masculine & feminine, Jupiter, air)

* OAK – leadership, focus, wisdom, truth, personal sovereignty, protection, health, money, healing, fertility, fortune, manifestation, strength (masculine, sun, fire)

* BIRCH – rebirth, fertility, adaptability, inspiration, fearlessness, protection, purification, exorcism (Feminine, Venus, water)

* LINDEN BLOSSOM – Protection, feminine, love, heart healing (masculine, Jupiter, air)

* HORNBEAM – confidence, boundaries, enthusiasm, protection (feminine, Venus, water)

* Beech – ancestor connection, wishes, knowledge, magic (feminine)

* DEWBERRY– purification, protection (feminine, Venus, water)

* BLACKTHORN – purification, protection (Masculine, mars, fire)

* IVY – protection, healing (feminine, water) 

* HOLLY - protection, dream magic, fairies, positivity (masculine, Mars, fire)

* YEW - magic, dreams, psychic, shamanic, astral and dimensions travelling (feminine)

* SEQUOIA - portal connection & healing, past life, psychic ability, lemurian connection, Abundance, Earth Wisdom, Protection (masculine, Jupiter, fire)

* SABINA - portal connection, Atlantis connection, twin flame (masculine, sun, fire)

*DAWN REDWOOD - abundance, transition, renewal, strength, shadow work (masculine, Jupiter)

*Carob - Protection, health, healing dreams

*LARCH - pteroction, psychic vision, open up hidden talents (Masculine) 

CEDAR - wisdom, protection, longevity, cleansing, creating sacred space, healing, purification, money, breaking spells, clarity, strengthening energy field (masculine, sun, fire)

*Olive - beauty, healing, fertility, protection, wealth (masculine, sun, fire)

*ROWAN- Protection, travel, love goddess, psychic power, success, banishing, inspiration, persistence and Faery blessings (masculine, sun, fire)

*Alder - journeys, self confidence, bravery, astral protection, fairy connection, connection to the other worlds (masculine, Venus, fire & water)

Healing Sounds with Wands 

There is a list of sounds that can come with the wand so you can use them. 

Alternatively, you can use the wand as an integration into your existing healing modality and practice.



Standard size (up to 70cm) - £100

Medium (70-90cm) - £140

Large (over 90cm) - £170 

With Healing Sounds +£50

for more info, click HERE 

With Crystal +£10 

Instalments available
Collection or post from UK 

Contact me HERE or via email 

Get my Wand now!

Standard wand - £100

standard with sounds - £150

standard with crystal - £110

standard with sounds & crystal £160

medium wand - £140

medium with sounds - £190

medium with crystal- £150

medium with sounds & crystal - £200

Large wand- £170

large with sounds - £220

large with crystal- £180

large with sounds & crystal - £230

Note: Please specify which wand you want by sending me an email with the photo and mark which one you would like. if you're unsure of the size, you can email me at or HERE to confirm.

if the buy it now button doesn't work, try this link and enter the amount HERE

Healing Wands

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