Copper Merkabahs & Pyramids

Copper Merkabah adds more healing intensity to the existing healing attunements. Each individual Merkaba is charged with your personal Soul Blueprint (Soul name, Soul number, Soul colour, Soul code and Soul symbol) and any healing needed. It can be placed by your bedside to further assist the reprogramming of DNA, prevent mind control and protect you in the astral world whilst you are asleep. It can be used to send energetic frequencies remotely or in person (read ‘Sending Energetic Healing using the Soul Blueprint’). During healing sessions or attunements, it can be used to amplify the energy (read ‘Strengthening Protection with Protection Attunements’). It can also be placed on top of objects to charge your healing toolset. It is made upon request, if you wish, crystals can be added to the Merkabah. It measures approximately 20cm/12cm wide.

Copper Pyramid .is ideal for meditation, accentuating any healing and charging objects and essences. You can place it by your bedside during sleep to accelerate the healing. It helps with connecting with light stellar beings. It is charged with your Soul name, Soul number, Soul colour, Soul code and Soul symbol and any healing needed. 

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