Auric Mists & Sprays

 • Made with organic hydrosols & essential oils
 • Can be used as facial mist or auric sprays or simply dab some on your energy points like palms, forehead for specific function.

🌸Purification £7
Key ingredients: sage hydrosol & lavender oil
🌸Mental clarity £7
Key ingredient: chamomile hydrosols
🌸Feminine - heart centredness £7
Key ingredient: rose hydrosols
🌸Psychic ability £7
Key ingredient: Melissa hydrosols
🌸Stellar & portal connection £8
Key ingredient: sequoia hydrosols
🌸Psychic protection £8
Key ingredient: St. John’s wort hydrosol
🌸Truth & Communication £7
Key ingredient: basil hydrosol
🌸Starseed Arrival £8
Key ingredient: willow hydrosols
🌸 Interdimensional Protection & purification £9
Key ingredient: frankincense hydrosols
🌸Divine Feminine Transformation & Empowerment £8
Key ingredient: sequoia hydrosols

🌸Sexual energy retrieval £7
Key ingredient: Poplar hydrosols
🌸Galactic sun connection £7
Key ingredient: marigold hydrosols
🌸Sidereal Justice £8
Key ingredient: dawn redwood & willow hydrosols

🌸Interdimensional portal clearing £9
Key ingredient: poplar hydrosols

🌸Strengthen energy field against Dirty electricity £8

key ingredient: larch hydrosols
🌸Access & ascend timelines £9

key ingredient: larch & sequoia hydrosols
🌸Dissolving dissonant frequencies & timelines £7

Key ingredient: cedar & larch hydrosols
🌸Energetic cleanse & balance £7

key ingredient: sage & bay hydrosols

Available in 30ml & 50ml amber glass bottle in pump tops/ dropper tops

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