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Tachyon Soulprint is a recent healing tool that was created based on Sacred Geometries, Toroidal energy, Stellar language. We all have our unique Soul Blueprint and through connecting to it, it deepens healing and accelerates the process of DNA-revolution with the help of the stellar light beings. www.facebook.com/tachyonsoulprint


Each Platonic Solid has a different function and element, and a list of different healings:


Tachyon Soulprint incorporates Sacred geometry, Toroidal energy through connection with Soul Blueprint.

I. Interstellar Multidimensional Healing Components:

  1. 5-elemental Purification

  2. Energetic Clearing & Balancing

  3. Biophoton Healing 

  4. Twin Flame Healing & Union
    II. Energetic Transmission

1.         Threefold Flame Transmission
2. Twin Flame Divine Holographic Timelines in Quantum Dimensions

3. Triple Goddess Transmission
4. 444 Divine Blueprint Activation

5. Universal Code

Stellar Touch HealinG
7. Universal Quantum Consciousness Beam
8. Primordial 8 cells Transmission

Alcyone 8 Solar Points Transmission

10. Pleiadean Crystalline Transmission
11. 12D Ico-dodecahedron Activation

12. 12D Stellated Dodecahedron Transmission

13.Christos-Sophia Template Transmission,
14. Sacred Geometry & Light Transmission

III. Galactic DNA Activation

  1. Holy Grail DNA Transmission

  2. Galactic genetic DNA Activation,

  3. Galactic Soul Walk-in Activation

  4. Alcyone Emerald Sun DNA Code Transmission

To see the whole list with full information, click HERE! 

On 3rd December, the Tachyon Soulprint board was being recreated, deep gratitude towards my dear friend, who spent hours and hours working on this marvellous board, here's her website if you're interested in her work. 

To Watch the YouTube Videos demonstrating the basic info about this healing, click here or go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS0G2eD9jdebMZFveNIDXMg/ 


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