Interstellar Multidimensional Healing Components:

I. Personal Development

Heart - Pineal Alignment

  • unifies the Pineal gland, the heart and the primordial cells and put them in alignment, as a mirror of the Galactic heart, the Human heart and the Earth heart.

  • creates parallel consonance, that is to be able to know what the other person thinks and feel, to enhance communication between one another.

  • brings ourselves to our optimal functioning, on all levels, so that we can vibrate on a subtler level, and attract positive circumstances and make quantum leap according to the law of attraction.

Source Realignment

  • Release soul contracts made with dense beings in the astral realm

  • Remove astral debris

  • Raise our atomic consciousness, thus assist us to connect back with source, cosmic consciousness

  • Collect lost soul fragments in the astral realm

  • Reset the cells, atoms, molecules, biophotons to the frequency of source vibration

Crystalline Lucidity

  • Release and prevent mental projections and negative thought forms from others and from ourselves ⁃ Ability to discern our thoughts from others so that we won’t be manipulated

  • Release and prevent mental programming inserted by others

  • Remove and prevent implanted holographic memories in all dimensions, timelines & realities

  • Release dense cellular memories inherited from ancestors, past generations and from past lives

  • Release dense cellular memories from this lifetime in all dimensions so that we can be more ‘present’ and less repetitive in our destructive thought patterns, behaviours and emotions

  • Enable us to perceive the objective reality in multidimensions

  • Release emotional programming

Frequency Retuning

  • Retune our cells & DNA, to higher/ subtler frequencies, atomically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. 

  • Perceive higher dimensional beings and receive their guidance easier/ better

  • Disconnect from/be less susceptible of denser frequencies

  • Speed up the activation of DNA strands

  • Can be targeted on a specific area on the body.

  • Retune our cells & DNA to a specific frequency:











Collective level: Retune the frequency of the collective or between two people.

Cosmic Perception

  • Perceive beyond the physical, perceive the multidimensional

  • Perceive with the superior intelligence, cosmic intelligence, beyond the ‘human’ mind

  • Unify with divine cosmic intelligence and collective consciousness.

  • Perceive the holographic universe and memory of the physical (3D)

  • Release the inferior mind, robotic programming, release auto-pilot mode, replace with active creative mind

  • Bring in focus, not allowing others’ energy influence you

  • Discernment of benevolent/ malevolent forces, perception of energy, perceive beyond lies and deception

  • Clarity to see the best solutions

  • Develop telepathic communication with humans and extra-terrestrial beings.

Magnetising Crystal

  • Increase manifesting abilities

  • Attract more ‘positive’ people and circumstances

  • Release/ push away toxic people/ circumstances

  • Reforming physical emotional, mental, energetic structure, lifestyles, preferences such as dietary preferences to attract more positive circumstances

  • Aligns the ‘heart’, ‘brain’, ‘solar plexus’ so that the yearning is in sync to allow flow of manifestation.

  • It opens up multiple doors that match the frequency of that particular aspirations/ yearnings, releases fixation on particular object or person.

  • Can be used in group manifestations

Stream of Abundance

  • Inspired by the waterfall, especially a stone with spiral picked up in Wales, guided by Merlin.

  • Assists us to cleanse and purify our DNA to remove stuck energy that blocks our flow of life.

  • Activates our DNA with light of abundance.

  • Creates abundance in life, especially financial abundance.

  • Especially assists us to adapt to ‘new’ life whilst we pursue our soul missions/ purposes and integrate into the new structure of light body.

Unconditional Love & Compassion

  • Enables unconditional love to self and others

  • To release from guilt, anguish, fear-based emotions

  • To enable us to see others’ true self

  • To enable us to love full-heartedly without attachment 

Shifting Perceptions – to Gratitude

  • Shifting dense vibrational thoughts (be it ours or others’), to that of gratitude and joy

  • Brings it to our consciousness to maintain subtle vibrations in our psyche, thoughts and belief system

  • Allows openness to new ideas and beliefs, releases mental rigidity

Love-based Emotions

  • Releases fear-based emotions, such as insufficiency, poverty consciousness, self-pity, guilt, shame, self-sabotaging behaviour, rigidity, fear of losing, narrow-mindedness, arrogance, competitiveness

  • Replaced with love-based emotions, such as strength, love, honour, light, openness, gratitude, joy, abundance, faith, positivity, trust

  • Aligns with attracting the people & circumstances that align with love and abundance

  • Releases these projections of fear-based emotions from others

Consciousness Leap

  • Liberates us from attachment to ‘tasks’, people, environment from the previous dimension/ level of consciousness we were in

  • Brings us to focus on what we are here and now

  • Liberates us from attachment to the ‘past’

  • Smooth transition as our DNA/ level of consciousness evolves and our reality shifts as we shift

  • Mature from child to adult on consciousness level, not clinging to the ‘toy’ or ‘homework’ we used to have

  • Adaptation to new life, people, environment, responsibilities and freedom as we make this quantic leap

Dismantling Ego Structures

  • Dismantles ego structures: repetitive robotic structure, anger, fear construct, self loathing/ narcissism structure, judgment, greed, envy/competitiveness, addictive personality, compulsive/controlling personality, the pleaser personality, the indecisive personality, the avoider personality


  • Allows one to surrender to the Divine Order, trusting and letting go

  • Let go of guilt, fear, self-doubt and self-loathing tendencies

Recognition of Potential

  • Allows one to see one’s true potential

  • Motivates one to take action for one’s soul mission(s)

  • Enabling us to make the change we need to move forward

Shifting Intentions

  • Enables us to raise our intention for the highest good

  • To see from a broader perspective, to hold the highest intention for the soul evolution individually, collectively and galactically.

Full Capacity

  • Activates the full potential of our soul consciousness, to embody full strength on all levels

Super Perceptions

  • Activates dormant super sensorial perceptions – to see, hear, touch, smell, sense, perceive or know

    Eliminating Destructive Programmed Responses

  • Eliminates destructive behaviour, thought and emotional patterns that we have been programmed to act, think and feel in response to triggers and stressful situations and stimuli

  • Increases awareness of such destructive behaviour and way of thinking

  • Allows us to change and reprogramme our way of behaving, thinking and feeling, to allow changes in our psyche and state of being

  • Prevent projections from others that can trigger our destructive programmed responses

  • Dissolving Collective Mental and Emotional Projections

  • Releases collective mental and emotional projections or a collective ‘thought’/ belief and emotions that was/ has been imposed on humanity on a collective level

  • Dissolves mental and emotional projections/ immersion that we thought were ‘ours’, whether it is consciously or subconsciously, in all realms especially astrally

  • Clear these beliefs, emotions out from our psyche, on all levels, including cellular DNA memory level, in all dimensions and realities

  • Dissolves unconscious mental and emotional collective programming on individuals, family and bloodline, gender groups or race or religious groups, various sexual orientations, stellar groups or any spiritual enslavement or anything that does not serve the highest good or not in alignment of a group/ collective.

  • Allows us to ‘open our eyes’ to see beyond the mask and to perceive things, people and situation as they truly are.

  • Allows us to identify that particular thought/ emotion to clear it radically

  • Can also work on people who are fearful of changes, stuck to routines and repetitive lifestyle, those who shut down on a soul level, those who feel insufficient, angry, fearful within themselves an create disbeliefs and despondent emotions and thus project them on others who are living their soul purposes/ shining their light

  • It releases automatic, instinctive, fearful, angry, anxious, panic or other dense vibrational responses generated from the collective and one gets infected by it.

  • This healing stops the cycle of generating low vibrational energy (called ‘loosh’) as a result of clearing these destructive and false belies and emotions that do not resonate from the soul consciousness.

    Healing the Inner Child

  • Preserve and retrieve the loss innocence a child should have

  • Allows authentic expression of the soul consciousness

  • Heals trauma, contamination of the innocent souls

  • Prevents and releases adverse effects of abuse faced as a child, physically, emotionally, sexually or psychically and sends the ‘child’ healing by giving him/her nourishment, care and love, on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cellular memory level.

  • Truth

  • Gives one the courage to embody one’s truth, speak the truth, live the truth and be the truth

  • Allows whatever that is not aligned with one’s truth to leave one’s life, in all ways

  • Allows one to attract what is in alignment with one’s truth, to empower them to live their truth, corresponding to one’s true essence

  • Allows one to embrace one’s true soul power by becoming the truth

  • Releases any fears to give up the truth for one’s security or attachments

  • II. Energetic Protection & Balance

Toroidal Shield

  • protection shield that works on people, objects, animals & spaces. Seal your auric field

  • Protect against and release effects of energetic attacks, implants, curses, spells, energetic drains, mental projections/ programming

  • Protect against attacks or prevent mind-reading/ aura-reading from low density beings

  • Prevent low density beings from tapping into your energy and using your energy as a harness for ‘negative’ intentions.

  • Prevent picking up others’ energies

Waters of Light

  • Purifies internal waters/ sexual energy within us

  • Specifically, it reverses effects of sexual abuse or any undivine sexual energy exchange.

  • It unblocks the gateway of kundalini rising.

  • Raise Womb Consciousness and sends healing to the womb, heals womb trauma(s)

  • Getting in the flow of life – like water, being adaptable, in flow, receptive, perceptive

Divine Alchemy

  • it was born on 16th July 2019 in Es Vedrà in Ibiza, an energetic spot where UFO sightings were seen frequently. It is known as the third most magnetic spot on Earth, after North Pole and Bermuda Triangle. Its limestone rock was believed to be used to build pyramids in Egypt. One of the myths is that it is the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis.

  • Divine Alchemy aims to balance the internal masculine and feminine energies, thus enabling the activation of zero-point Toroidal energy in our atoms, cells, biophotons, energetic field and DNA level.


Merlin Sweep

  • Retrieve original optimal form in cells, DNA, biophotons, energetically.

  • Clear energetic debris, inside out, across dimensions

  • Balance elements within us.

  • Repair crystals located in the body, especially in the ears and back of eyeballs.

  • Allow normal functioning of crystals in the body, to filter out light and sound and avoid deposit of metals in the cones and rods in the ears and behind eyeballs.

  • Prevent programming based on telemetry system through adding information into light and sound.

  • Utilise the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) and portal energy that works with hands-on/off healing.

  • Working in conjunction with Starseed Awakening

Energetic Adaptation

  • Faster assimilation of more photonic light

  • Better energy adaptation as one gets more sensitive to surrounding energies, not to take in others’ energies and get affected so easily

  • Allow transmuting dense energies into light 

Luz Bone Cleanse & Reactivation

  • Cleanse, purify and reactivate our Luz bone (back of head/neck area) that is crucial for accessing spiritual consciousness.

  • Reverse effects of soul memory replication and thus prevent mental and emotional programming through soul memory replication.

  • Preserve our energy and reverse soul fragmentation.

Energetic Balance

  • Clears any energetic imbalances/ debt, including emotional, psychic, mental (if you exhaust yourself thinking about/ worrying about someone), physical, sexual.

  • Retrieves lost energy

  • Brings energy in balance

Energetic Harmony

  • Maintains energetic levels whilst in environments that are in dissonance with one’s energy

  • Allows one to attract people with similar vibrations and drives away dissonance energies.

Interdimensional Technology & Entity Clearing

  • Removing malevolent inter-dimensional technology to lower our vibration and to prevent us from awakening, kundalini rising.

  • Protect against interdimensional entity attachment and attacks

  • Clearing energetic space

Balance of Sexual Energies

  • Reverse sexual energy manipulation, degeneration and corruption

  • Reverse effects of twisting sexual energies

  • Allow balance and flow of sexual energies

  • Prevent ‘mixing’ sexual energies in an undivine way.

  • Works on left and right side of body as well.

~Frequency & Dimension Assimilator

  • Adjusting frequencies of individual, space, planet

  • Adjusting the ‘dimension’ of a space

Human Consciousness Portal Connection

  • Activates the human consciousness portal in the womb, in the heart and back of the head (Luz Bone)

  • Connects all 3 portals in the human body and the galactic portal in the Great Central Sun.

  • Connects to Galactic Consciousness

  • Can be done before inter-dimensional travelling and after Luz Bone Cleanse & Reactivation

  • Can be used in combination with stellar connection, portal and space connection

Activates Spheres of Light

  • Assists us to charge our 8 spheres of light in our rainbow body, the space-time travelling human vehicle

  • Connects with the divine mother energy and womb consciousness, protects our heart

Melchizedek Vortex Charge

  • It energises, charges, protects, cleanses with Melchizedek energy

  • It forms an energetic shield connected to the 9-pointed star (3 triangles/ 3 trinities) – torsion field with an inter-dimensional portal/ vortex inside – can be applied on a particular body area or the entire body

  • It strengthens our ‘vortex’/ torsion field

  • It releases energetic cords, mental/emotional implants, prevents energetic tapping, mind reading

  • It blocks dense vibrations from influencing one’s psyche and energetic field

  • It forms detachment bubble

Protection against Subliminal Suggestions & Soul Reading

  • It prevents Archonic, Nephilim, dark alien energetic trap through mental suggestions, mind tapping, energy reading, akashic record reading, soul reading

  • Releases effect of subliminal mental insertions, projections that affect one’s energetic field on all planes, especially astral plane

  • Raises alertness in dreams and allows remembering and recalls of dreams

  • Prevent being traced in dreams and prevents dense beings from entering on astral plane completely

  • Prevent intoxication on all levels, in all dimensions and timelines

  • Retrieves all lost energies and any energy drains, leakages and auric leakages

  • Retrieves lost light fibres in DNA

  • Avoids Jinn magic (blue fire)

  • Closes access points opened by dense beings

  • Banishes and cut of connections from ‘messengers’ and objects sent by dense beings in all realms and dimensions

  • Allows one to reconnect with messengers from Source

  • Releases imposed beliefs, emotions to divert one from fulfilling one’s soul purpose/ path

  • Prevent from wiping past timelines on all consciousness levels

  • Removes ‘false timelines’ created by dense beings that gives individual illusion.  

Shielding Energy in Inter-dimensional Portal

  • Shield one’s energy in hidden interdimensional portal so dense beings cannot tap into one’s energy or drain one’s energy

  • It can be used alongside with Galactic Womb Consciousness, one’s soul blueprint

Embodying Christos-Sophia within

  • Allows us to embody inner Christos-Sophia – healing the inner masculine feminine within us.

  • Allows us to be our own divine masculine and divine feminine, so that we attract the counterpart who is also a ‘complete’ individual, embodying both masculine and feminine, as we reflect each other.

Stop Mass Loosh Collection

  • Prevents the accumulation of dense emotional/ energetic vibration especially in a collective/ space

  • Allows the collective to raise their vibration and stop that ‘loop cycle’ of generating more loosh and infecting each other with loosh

  • Prevents energy drained by dense beings through mass loosh collection

    Switching off ‘Trace Signals’ in Astral & Raising DNA Frequencies

  • Switches off & deactivates detection signals projected from our DNA in the astral body that can be detected by dark forces

  • Prevents dark beings from tracing us energetically and tapping into our energies astrally

  • Prevents them from inserting ‘false information’ or imposing false reality/timelines onto us energetically, mentally, emotionally in all dimensions, especially astrally

  • Allows us to raise frequencies/ accumulate more light in our DNA so that we are not perceptible by dense beings in lower astral dimension.  

  • Interdimensional, intergalactic and multi-soul energetic shield

  • Connecting to the 12 personal stargates according to astrological precessions and drawing energy and creating energetic shields from these 12 ‘points’

  • Connecting to 144 personal Christos and energising them in unison with your soul energy, simultaneously creating these shields in all dimensions and across dimensions

  • Connecting to all soul existences in all timelines and activating energetic shields to be drawn, drawing all the soul ‘power’ together as one. Creates energetic shield, with the stars and stellar origins we have been connected with

  • This shield’s function: sealing your energy, aligning all soul power and empowering other selves’ energetic field, expand energetic field beyond dimensions, prevents your energy from being tapped or censored by dark beings, prevent energy leakage/ energy being dispersed or energy drained, strengthens toroidal field and circulating energy around Hara Line 

  • Healing Rods & Cones

  • Works on the rods and cones behind the eyes, ears and side of temples in particular.

  • Removes metal deposits where they shouldn’t be in these areas

  • Activates the dormant rods and cones that should be activate in these areas.

  • Allows these rods and cones (information receivers) to be fully functional, in balanced and active.

  • Prevents someone from tapping into our thoughts or imposing thoughts as a form of mind control or mental programming

  • Cleanses these receptors so that we won’t be triggered by means of wireless radiation

  • Dissolving Victim-Victimiser Matrix

  • Dissolves victim-victimiser energy matrix, interdimensional spider matrix

  • Clears interdimensional energetic ‘bugs’ that are stuck to our energy and infect our ‘system’, psyche and emotions, and all aspects of life

  • Clears the main circuit/ root of these energetic bugs

  • Clears continuous interferences that keep ‘attacking’ if first attempt fails

  • Recollect energy mainly from Kundalini, retrieve energy source and strengthens the solar plexus

  • Releases anger, fear, guilt or any dense emotions and thoughts when we are assigned to this victim/victimiser matrix, individually and collectively, consciously and subconsciously

  • Allows one to stand in one’s power, after resigning from the role of victim

  • Disintegrates this structure to gain clarity and discernment

  • Energy lost return to lawful owner(s)
































































































































































































VII. Planetary & Galactic Healing

Stargate Unification

  • healing the stargates/ portals of the Earth

  • releases any dense/ low vibrational energies from interfering with the energy of the stargates, rebalances/retunes the energy of the stargates to its optimal energetic state.

  • It reverses effects of and protects against Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) and genetic experiments and manipulation of human mankind and all biological lifeforms, in all timelines, realities and dimensions.

  • It prevents collective projection of energies from the dark forces to feed off low vibrational emotions from the humanity.

  • Prevents the broadcasting of dense vibrational energy through obelisks/monuments/ churches when they are placed on a denser area/ley lines on the Earth or when the area was converted into denser energy, especially broadcasting the ‘apocalypse’. 

  • Healing the meridians and ‘blood’ of the Earth

  • Uniting the stargates/ portals energetically, thus generating more coherent healing energy of the stargates and the earth as a whole

  • Assists the connection between stargates within the Earth and between the stargates to other stellar planets, especially Sirius and its sun.  

Earth Alchemy

It was created on the Tor, where the st. Michael and Mary Ley Lines intersect, on 8th August 2019, Lion’s Gate at 3:33pm and the healing lasted for 33 seconds. It serves to balance the masculine and feminine ley lines, streams of the Earth, particularly St. Michael and Mary Ley Lines.

Space Connection

  • Tapping into energy of space

  • Get information about the space and personal connection with the space

  • Assist in recollection of the space

  • Release any karmic connection with the space

Equilibrium Balance

  • Bringing equilibrium, peace and harmony to the planet Earth. Release chaos and sufferings of the human mankind

  • Purify the water, crystals and minerals of the Earth

  • Healing Inner Earth and Inner Earth Beings

Intergalactic Photonic Charge

  • Circulate quantic photonic light energy in torsion field, creating enormous healing energy intergalactically, mainly the 8 stellar groups, the Earth, the sun and Pleiades’ sun.

  • Prevent infiltration and interferences by hybrids, dense alien forces.


Womb Consciousness & Starseed Arrivals

  • Activates the womb consciousness especially in women who are about to give birth to starseed children

  • Allows this womb gateway/ portal to fully activate within themselves so they are ready on all levels to bring starseeds to Earth

  • Connects this womb portal to the stellar origin(s) where the starseed is from

  • Allows seamless connection between mothers and starseed souls so they know how to communicate and raise them as children

  • Strengthens the power of both mother and starseed souls and unite them as one

  • Allows the starseed children to give mothers information, healing, guidance before they arrive on Earth.

  • Assists mothers to have ‘smooth’ pregnancy and birth to the children

Awakening Spiritual Connection/ Consciousness

  • Awakens our dormant spiritual connection and/or consciousness that can assist us to follow our soul mission(s)

  • This allows us to connect with spiritual consciousness that we might not be aware of

  • Allows us to receive guidance and healing from these spiritual ‘guides’/ consciousness

  • Allows us to adhere to our spiritual light within

Synchronising DNA Codes

  • Creates alignment in frequencies between DNA codes

  • When they are aligned, it creates possibility for light to travel through DNA more smoothly

  • Increases possibility of kundalini rising and raises vibrations of DNA – DNA working in unison for a higher soul purpose

  • Increases possibility of collapsing old timelines and creating new ones – creating new possibilities and ‘future’ that matches with our heightened frequencies 


  • Eye Crystal Activation

  • Allows us to activate our full capacity through activating our crystals behind our eyes

  • Activates our ‘third eye’ perception

  • Gives us discernment and vivid vision during astral travelling

  • Moves around energetic inhibition behind our eyes that prohibits this activation

  • This healing is connected to Sekhmet, the feline goddess of healing and super ‘vision’

Expelling Walk-ins

  • Expels undivine archonic walk-ins that take over human bodies

  • Retrieve the human consciousness

  • Releases any contracts the human has with the ‘intervening’ entity

  • Provides energetic protection for the ‘affected’ individual

  • Energies returned to lawful owner

Focusing Energies into one Consciousness  

  • Gathers all the lost energies into one consciousness, makes one more focused, energised and conscious, physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically.

  • Creates energetic balance, reclaims our energy into one source, so we can direct energy more easily, everything becomes more in flow of abundance & synchronicity

  • Can be used together with Triple Fire, or Waters of Light

II. Interpersonal Relationships

Dissolving Inherited Emotions

  • Releases soul contracts to heal ancestors

  • Breaks the pattern of dense emotion transferal to the next generations

  • Dissolves emotions inherited by ancestors and parents:








Starseed Partnership Empowerment

  • Anchoring/ unifying and strengthening energies between partners

  • Empowering the unified strength and capabilities of the two starseeds.

  • Assist the soul awakening of the ‘less awakened’ one, enabling to bridge the gap between the two to create more balanced energy

  • Amplify the healing powers and ascension path of the two.

  • Assist in sacred union of the two starseeds, if divine.

  • Release blockages, obstacles, interferences of the union, across dimensions, timelines and realities.

  • Balance the divine masculine and feminine between the couple.

  • Recall memories of partnership of the both parties.

  • Release insecurity and raise honour between the couple.

Starseed Family Union

  • Strengthen the bonding amongst the starseed family.

  • Assist in soul awakening and fulfilling soul mission as one unit

Starseed Children Integration

  • Facilitate parents (esp. non-starseed parents) in understanding and communicating with starseed children.

  • Assist in starseed children in integrating on Earth

  • Protect against dark forces.

Male-Female Power Balance

  • Balances the male-female power dynamics – releases dominant controlling egoic behaviour, patterns, on an emotional, psychic, mental, sexual level, over the opposite gender.

  • Releases the thought programming that one feels ‘incomplete’ or ‘obsessed’ with the opposite gender.

  • Creates a ‘detachment bubble’ so that one owns up to his/her responsibility and takes action in the situation, whilst he/she won’t feel the energetic pressure from the other.

  • Creates energetic balance in the male-female interaction.

Comprehending Soul Lessons & Contracts

  • Assists us to perceive the specific soul lessons and contracts with individuals

  • Releases human attachment

  • Helps us see the underlying dynamics clearer

  • Enables us to learn quicker what we need to learn to ‘move on’ and evolve on a spiritual/soul level

  • Speeds up the process of soul growth to meet the ‘right’/ divine person quicker

  • Work on both individuals, depending on their free will

Detachment Bubble

  • Stop being manipulated and energy drained through mind games and emotional manipulations

  • Be detached from wanting to control the outcome/ situations by having expectations on others

  • Stop the cat & rat chase game

  • Remove mental emotional manipulation

  • Allow the other person to take charge of his/her life and own up to his/ her responsibility

  • Detached from needing to rescue others from their ‘misfortunes’

Aligning with Truth and Connecting with Contracted Alliance

  • Allows one to perceive the Truth and see beyond manipulations and disguise

  • Allows one to connect with their contracted ‘alliances’ so to do the ‘work’ together and fulfil the soul mission(s) together

  • Aligns oneself with Truth and wisdom, and creates that space to cocreate something for the highest good of collective consciousness

Twin Flame Union

  • Enhances heart-to-heart communication

  • Dissolves any fears, attachment, resentment, judgement, misunderstanding, co-dependency and dysfunctional imbalanced relationship patterns.

  • Connects torus of the heart between the two people.

  • Draws the two closer to divine connection – the divine proximity frequencies.

  • More synchronicity, sensation like ‘cosmic tantra’ could be possible’.

  • Gives one the trust and confidence in opening up in relationships, on all levels

  • Allows both to grow and learn from each other on a soul level

  • Allows both to fulfil the soul mission(s) together

  • Releases distractions (inner and outer) in bonding together, on all levels, emotionally, spiritually and energetically

  • Prevents false timelines or false beliefs/ emotions from intervening, in all dimensions and realities

  • Gives both the awareness and recognition the other is the ‘one’

  • Allows one to connect inter-dimensionally, to communicate and feel each other on an interdimensional level

  • Assist to heal each other, to make each other complete as two becomes one

  • Strengthens the bonding between the two

  • Allows both to receive guidance and healing from the divinity

  • Connects the stellar origin(s) of both parties so they can all assist their union


  1. Connect to both soul blueprints

  2. Connect to both stellar songs

  3. Play twin flame union song

  4. Connect to each other’s soul and stellar beings to receive guidance

  5. Connect to the other person’s heart and link yours to his/hers

  6. Aligning with Divine Order

  • Allows one to surrender to the Divine Order, trusting and letting go

  • Let go of guilt, fear, self-doubt and self-loathing tendencies

  1. Divine Alchemy

  • balance the internal masculine and feminine energies, thus enabling the activation of zero-point Toroidal energy in our atoms, cells, biophotons, energetic field and DNA level.

  1. Dismantling Ego Structures

  • Dismantles ego structures: repetitive robotic structure, anger, fear construct, self-loathing/ narcissism structure, judgment, greed, envy/competitiveness, addictive personality, compulsive/controlling personality, the pleaser personality, the indecisive personality, the avoider personality

  1. Male-Female Power Balance

  • Balances the male-female power dynamics – releases dominant controlling egoic behaviour, patterns, on an emotional, psychic, mental, sexual level, over the opposite gender.

  • Releases the thought programming that one feels ‘incomplete’ or ‘obsessed’ with the opposite gender.

  • Creates a ‘detachment bubble’ so that one owns up to his/her responsibility and takes action in the situation, whilst he/she won’t feel the energetic pressure from the other.

  • Creates energetic balance in the male-female interaction.

  1. Comprehending Soul Lessons & Contracts

  • Assists us to perceive the specific soul lessons and contracts with individuals

  • Releases human attachment

  • Helps us see the underlying dynamics clearer

  • Enables us to learn quicker what we need to learn to ‘move on’ and evolve on a spiritual/soul level

  • Speeds up the process of soul growth to meet the ‘right’/ divine person quicker

  • Work on both individuals, depending on their free will

  1. Matching timelines for Soul Marriage

  • It heals the timelines for both souls who have soul marriage together – removing false timelines and correct timelines for both

  • Aligns the two timelines and creates the potential to create new timelines together

  1. Devotion in Love

  2. Strengthening Soul Marriages

  • Eliminates distractions from all sides, energetically, mentally, emotionally, releases any fears, limiting beliefs, ego traps from both or either side of the souls

  • Releases any attacks and interferences, obstructions from within and outer influences to prevent or delay the soul marriages

  • Raises awareness and brings to consciousness the importance and urgency to bond

  • Strengthens the soul bonds, allowing both parties to feel and breath in the essence of each other’s soul essence, to feel the intimacy and connection between each other, to feel and empower each other’s soul mission(s) individually and as a unity

  • Allows both parties to be on the same wavelength, to communicate and express love with each other from their soul’s perspective 

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