Toroidal Stargate Activation 

Toroidal Stargate Activation is interdimensional & multidimensional healing with focused intent and directing Toroidal energy. It works on Biofield, DNA, Timelines, Soul contracts, twin soul connection, Starseed awakening, Stellar soul walk-ins activation, Light portal activation, stellar portal light code circulation, Releasing stellar and galactic karma, Quantum Unification with the New Earth Frequency. 

We are stargates. We are holographic frequencies. Remember we belong to the stars and it’s time to reconnect with our stellar origins. When we connect with the truth frequency, we will be protected and looked after as the truth frequency is the creator god frequency. It’s imminent time to shine more light and to anchor the most ascended timelines for the humanity! 

what we offer ...

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Gong Recording - Soul Aurganic
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