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Stellar DNA Activation 

Starseed Awakening 

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Tachyon Soulprint
Healing Cards
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Energetic Transmissions & DNA Activation

Tachyon Soulprint

Based on Stellar language & connection to our Soul Blueprint,
Tachyon Soulprint utilises Zero-point energy & Sacred Geometry to send healing to our soul consciousness. 
Areas covered: Stellar DNA Activation, Purification & Activation of sexual energy, Crystalline DNA, Twin Flame Union, Starseed Awakening, Galactic Stellar Soul Walk-ins, Interdimensional, Multidimensional healing, Energetic Protection & Balance.

We offer Healing Wands, Healing Cards, Auric Mists, Copper Merkabahs, Healing Incenses & Organic Hydrosols.

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