About me

I'm an intergalactic dimensional energy healer. 

My role is to assist starseeds to re-member who they are and re-connect with Source, with the healing modalities Toroidal Stargate Activation and Tachyon Soulprint. 

Apart from assisting starseeds in their soul consciousness evolution, I also work with planetary & galactic portals assisting the transmission of light codes between portals and dimensions. Together we work as a team to assist Mother Earth in these exciting times of transition and evolution.  

Recently, I'm also guided to work with targeted individuals and people who have experienced alien contact experiences

Scope of Healing involved: 

·         Energetic disconnection from dark Extra-terrestrial and AI forces

·         Purify & activate Crystalline DNA portals

·         Purify & activate Non-coding DNA/ Stellar DNA

·         Purify and activate energetic circuits

·         Purify and crystallise Kundalini / sexual energy lifeforce 

·         Reclaim lost energy and soul fragments  

·         Release undivine soul contracts, implants, dark ET walk-ins, programming and artificial timelines 

·         Connect one with their soul mission(s) and soul gifts 

·         Activate soul memories 

·         Activate stellar soul walk-ins 

·         Anchor Ascended timelines & realities 

·         Connect with parallel souls & multidimensional souls 

·         Telepathic psychic communication

·         Activate light codes/ fractals in biofield

·         Resume DNA blueprint

·         Soul contract reading

·         Remote viewing & sensing

·         Sealing dark portals & anchoring light portals in humans, on Earth & in galaxy

·         Receiving crystalline light codes with stellar beings 

·         Assisting targeted individuals & people who have experienced alien contact/ abduction/ hybridisation/ super soldier programmes



Sessions & Courses

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